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Patterns by Delys Brady from Australia!

Catch a Falling Star
by Delys Brady

This wonderful 32" doll is designed to hang from the ceiling, though you might find other imaginative ways to display her.  Delys says she is a hard working cloth character doll, whose job it is to catch and gather the falling stars and check them for wishes!!
The doll features a needle sculpted face, very long poseable fingers and a simple armature.

$17.00 Includes shipping
by Delys Brady

A 20" cloth stump doll.  What a great, flowing shape!  The face is needle sculpted and the doll has a simple wire armature.

$16.50 including postage
Beth the Bad Fairy!
by Delys Brady

Here is a great pattern for a 17" cloth doll.  "Beth" features a voluptuous sculpted body and face, poseable fingers, wire armature, wired wings (hard to see in the pic but they are there!) and tons of attitude!!

$16.50 PPD

Scarab Beetle Man
by Delys Brady

What a character this guy is!!  The doll measures 16" tall when seated.  He has very long posable fingers, applied figernails and rustic leather boots.   And the pattern calls are not going to believe this...the filling from a Stay Free Sanitary Napkin for the hair....yep...that's what I said!  You can also use mohair! LOL!!

Out of stock

Long Tall Sally
by Delys Brady

This is a tall doll at 28"!
This incredible doll can stand on her own and uses a wire armature and plastic pellets.  Delys recommends a "Zany" fabric for this doll!!

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