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Lynne Butcher
Lynne Butcher
Lynne Butcher of Australia
All Rights Reserved
Santa on Vacation by Lynne Butcher.  Great pattern to make a different kind of Santa!   This pattern makes a doll about 12" tall.

Price $14.00 ppd in the U.S.
by Lynne Butcher of Australia,  "Ole... the Dancing Violin" is a 24" wall doll featuring violin body, head with lycra skin, 3-D eyes and wire armature.
Lynne Butcher's Paterson - a 25" clown to hang on the wall -

Price $10.50 ppd in the U.S.
Sold Out

 11.00 ppd in the US
A bare-breasted seated Cleopatra with a lycra skin stretched over a stuffed cotton body. She features fringing for hair, needlesculpted face with 3-d eyes with lids, wired fingers & simple costuming. The pattern comes with sufficient lycra to make one doll.
A cute little 20cm (almost 8") pixi who sits cross-legged on his own fabric mushroom.
Instuctions include a simple needle-sculpted face.

#LB18  9.50 ppd in the US

A Barbie sized doll jumping out of a cake!

The perfect "bring to a party" doll.

The Couch Potato

They say a picture paints a thousand words!  An 11" seated "yobbo" and armchair pattern

Aussie Elf and Seamus (2 patterns, 1 price)

Aussie Elf did not have any needle sculpturing on the face, Seamus does, and has wings and a hat!  Pictured is Seamus, but Aussie Elf comes with this as a set.

Mr. Bo Jangles

22" sad-faced clown.

Isn't he wonderful!


9.50 ppd in the US
sold out
Here's Grindal.  It makes a 55cm jointed cloth doll.  It also includes a close-up photo of the face.   

9.50 PPD
I think this mermaid is very special.  I love her "chest".   Very beautiful fabrics can be used on this one!  I have seen it made up using hand dyed lace trim as well.   It makes a 40cm cloth doll.  "a mermaid with attitude"
9.50 PPD
Out of stock
Rainforest Elf
Here's another one of those wonderful "mystical" elves.  I love things like Rainforest Elf.  It makes a 45 cm fantasy doll.  It also includes a close-up photo of the face so you can see  the details, which makes it easier to "follow" along.  

9.50 PPD
 sold out
What can I say about Spud?!  Isn't he the neatest!  He's a 35cm colorful free standing Pirate.  Designed by Lynne in 1999.  He's terrific.

9.50 PPD
The Jester
 Colorful, bright, cheery, perfect!  Designed by Lynne in 1999.  It makes a 50cm colorful Wall Doll.  Includes the pattern for the little "stick" jester head.

9.50 PPD

SAHARA - An exotic belly dancer with attitude.  This pattern makes a 60 cm tall doll.  A great doll for beads and other embellishments!

9.50 PPD

Check this one out.  A 40cm fun doll for those dollmakers who enjoy a laugh and a challenge.  Bruce looks very "cheeky" from the backside.  

9.50 PPD