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Arlene Cano                                      
Arlene Cano
©  Arlene's Original Designs All Rights Reserved
by Arelene's Originals

Anook is a 22 inch tall cotton broadcloth doll with a pencil drawn face and Faux Fur hair.  The pattern packet includes pattern and illustrated instructions for the doll and all of the clothes shown in this picture, plus additional pattern and instructions for panties and under slip (which could be shortened into an undershirt) and shoes.  Be aware this pattern also has a new pattern for legs and larger feet with toes. Her fingers can be bent to sign "I LOVE YOU" in American Sign Language.

$9.50 with shipping in the US


This was December 2000's Club America pattern, isn't she precious!  Coquetta means "Little Flirt"  10" tall
7.50 ppd in U.S.


10" Needle Sculpted Doll

7.50 PPD

Princess Wedding Set
10" Ring Bearer's Pillow
Garter and Bride's Wrist Purse
$7.50 ppd

Dawn Fairy of the Morning Dew
Cotton-Knit, Needle-Sculpted Doll
Sits 7" High
$7.50 ppd

Carousel & Unicorn
Hobby Horses
10" head on 36" Pole
$7.50 ppd

A Baby Flower Fairy
Frog Pattern Included
Sits 4 1/2" High
$7.50 ppd

Viola A Flower Fairy
Cotton-Knit, Needle-Sculpted Doll
Sits 6" High
$7.50 ppd

Ngozi, An African Rain Forest Fairy

10" Needle Sculpted Doll

Arlene's Brand NEW pattern!

7.50 PPD US