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Ann Clemens
Ann Clemens
The new age granny!

A pattern for a 20" soft sculpture doll.

Ann Clemens Poppy, 18" tall and wonderful for a beginning doll maker.  The body is one piece!  This is a wall-doll and the pattern is FABULOUS, almost like an online class already printed out for you!

Price $17.50 postpaid in the U.S., Canada and Mexico


This makes a 24" soft sculptured doll.  She's beautiful and also has interesting techniques!
#AC10   17.50 PPD US

Purney!    #AC09
Isn't this adorable!   
20" soft sculptured doll

Wonderful, and LOVE the wings on this one!  Unusual!

$17.50 with shipping in US & Canada

Gerwyn the Goblin

20" soft sculpted cloth doll

He's precious, and includes 2 pics, one a close-up of the face.



The Dream Keeper

The Dream Keeper looks after your dreams keeping them safely locked away until he sees fit to release them.  A 24" if standing cloth doll with body and face soft sculptured.  Shoes are included in the pattern.  Close up picture of face included in pattern, see below.
Smart lookin' fella huh!

The Dream Keeper close up
17.50 PPD  US

A 24" soft sculpture curvaceous cloth doll

The belly dancer is a nomadic creature that calls to passing merchants and beguiles them with her charm.
17.50 ppd

The Water Sprite
A 56cm (22") soft sculpture curvaceous cloth doll
By Ann Clemens © 1998 KID 'N 'ROUND
The water sprite like to swim and play among the tropical fish and coral. You may even spot her sunning herself on a coral atoll whilst you are holidaying on the Barrier Reef
17.50 ppd   Add to Cart

Close up of Coral, Water Sprite

The Wattle Nymph:
By Ann Clemens © 1998 KID 'N 'ROUND
A 61 cm (24") curvaceous cloth doll
laying on her stomach with her hands resting under her chin,
her face and body is soft sculptured, and she has fully articulated fingers.
The Mischevious Wattle Nymph can be found in and around wattle trees where she waits for unsuspecting humans to pass by, so she can sprinkle wattle dust on them to make them sneeze
17.50 PPD Add to Cart

Blossom is a 18" soft sculptured cloth doll - Uses woven fabric as the skin.
Price is $17.50 ppd in the U.S. #ac12