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Kathleen Chrisman
Kathleen Chrisman
Copyright Kathleen Chrisman, Sew Wild Designs, All Rights Reserved
Faith is a stunning tree topper or beautiful centerpiece for your table.  Full of wonder and beauty.  She is covered in beads - check out the rows and rows of beautiful beads - just gorgeous.  Kathleen has done a wonderful job with this pattern and it was the pattern for Club America for October - ya missed it!

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Celeste was the Pattern of the Month for Club America on May 1st, isn't she lovely?

Celeste has lots of beading and interesting techniques to boot.  Fun to make, Great for a beginning beader (as I would be) and very neat gift idea for someone who decorates with this style (as I do!)

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Only 8" tall, and full of color and full of wonder.

Flora is 9.00 ppd in the US

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