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Jonny Binkard

Jonny Binkard
African Woman is a brand new pattern by Jonny that is just beautiful.  A 26" doll.

9.50 ppd in the US


Delbert, Stood Up Again! (Man pattern)

This poor guy is feeling low, his blind date stood him up again!  A 21" cloth doll; features sculpted facial features, eyelids, wired fingers, needle sculpted toes and needle felted hair.  Instructions for his 70's clothing and sandals included.
9.50 ppd in the US

Warty Witch
23" Doll
Features needle sculpted facial features, hairy warts, wired fingers and ratty clothing.  A good time to raid the attic!  Pattern for her black cat "meyowler" and instructions for making Warty's "bugs" also included!
9.50 PPD US
Mermaid Arminta

Features a sculptured face and tail, sitting on a "rock" which you can make yourself if you wish.  Uses moss, dried material and seashells as embellishment.
9.50 PPD US
In Search of Unicorns
If you like flying elves and unicorns, you'll love this pattern.  This doll combines a number of techniques; facial needle sculpting, cloth eyelids, wired fingers, individual toes and special headgear.  Complete directions for making the unicorn staff included.
9.00 PPD US

Harriett and Percival Thornapple

Quite the Pair of 18" Rabbits!
 9.50 ppd in the US    

Maura Mermaid

The most unusual technique featured on this doll is her uniquely beaded hair.  Several embellishing options also offered
in the pattern.  This hanging doll is
approx. 21" x 21"
9.50 PPD US  


Sculptured face, wired fingers and a fancy attitude!  Intermediate
to Advanced  9.50 PPD US