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Madame Rosa
by Arley Berryhill

Here is a wonderful project!  This pattern includes the instructions for the doll and the booth, so this will be quite fun.

The doll is a 15" stump doll (no legs).  the instructions for the clothes, needlesculpting and face coloring are included.

The booth is about 20" and the instructions are included along with the graphics for the signs.

including shipping in the  USA

Fairy Godmother
by Arley Berryhill

This doll will be about 15" when you complete this project.  The doll has a wire armature and stands on a wooden base.  Great instructions...includes patterns for the doll, clothes, tiara and wand.

This is a "plump" doll body.  The face is needlesculpted.

Arley recommends this pattern as an Intermediate level pattern.

including shipping in the  USA
the Glamour Witch
by Arley Berryhill

This is a 20" stump doll.  Arley includes all the instructions and the pattern includes the costume with Hat, Corset, Puff Sleeves and Hip Drape.

The doll is attached to a wooden base which is approximately 4" x 4"

including shipping in the USA
Harold, the Angel
 (As in “Hark the Harold Angels Sing…”)
by Arley Berryhill

A wonderful new pattern by Arley!
Harold is a 15 inch all cloth doll, designed to hang by a string from the back of the doll. Pattern includes a “modular” doll body (separate arms, legs, and head), complete with instructions for finishing the face, and bare feet. The costume includes 2 skirts, hip drape, bodice, head wrap, sandals, and features 3 sets of sleeves - each constructed using different techniques. Harold is finished with a set of quilted wings.

$13.00 with shipping is the USA

Le Danseur Can-Can
Outfit pattern for the La Femme doll pattern
By Arley Berryhill

This is a new outfit for La Femme!  Isn't is stunning?!

This is a clothing pattern need to order La Femme separately.

$11.00 with shipping in the US & Canada

Arley Berryhill's La Femme!!  $13.00 ppd
She's a big one! 13" is the leg size. I love them larger, but you can always reduce her as well.  This doll may be posed in many different ways, including reclining as shown below.  Separate clothing patterns are also sold for her.

La Mode Orientale

This Harem Costume fits "La Femme" doll pattern. Pattern includes harem pants, top, vest, turban, tiara, and Turkish slippers. Also includes instructions for making pillows. Extra Bonus-instructions for making button eyes with applied eyelids.

This pattern is for the costume only. (Doll pattern not included.)
$11.00 postpaid in the U.S. and Canada  

by Arley Berryhill

 This makes a 20" mermaid princess.  
She has a wire armature and wired fins.  
Arley includes the patterns for both a wired hand or a mitten hand.  

Also included are the instructions for her tiara, seaweed boa and paper mache rock.

$13.00 with shipping
Arley Berryhill's Madame A 21 in. (54cm) stump doll with a shaped, posed body and dress sewn as one. Instructions include directions for making 2 arm styles- bent or straight. Also included are directions for face painting, and for making a puckered "smoking" mouth & lips. Plus, patterns and directions for making an optional Evening Coat, Turban, Gloves, Cigarette & Holder.
This pattern requires a beginning to intermediate doll-making skill level.
Price: $13 ppd in the U.S. and Canada
Arley Berryhill's Tassel Doll Pattern!!

$11.00 postpaid to the U.S. and Canada

13" WITHOUT the tassel, a good size. ( I have made this pattern and I love it!  It has some very simple techniques that really look elegant!! -Noel)

Faith the Fairy
by Arley Berryhill

This is a 13 in. tall cloth doll pattern with a clay face mask. A resin face mold is included with pattern, plus instructions for making a paper clay or polymer clay face mask to attach to head.   Check out those great fairy ears!!!

Includes simple patterns for torso/head, and separate arms and legs. Also, instructions for painting face mask, making a mohair wig, simple wired wings, and a wire armature to attach to base.
Skill level is "beginner".

The opportunity for embellishment on this one is endless!!

$32.00 including shipping