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Kathie Briggs
From Kathie Briggs: Each pattern comes with an 8 or 12-page booklet (stapled), which is illustrated with photographs (some in color) and diagrams.  The pattern
pieces are carefully drawn and the lettering is all done on a computer
program.  The back cover lists the tools and supplies.  The patterns are printed on a high quality color laser printer and come in a zip bag.
Masquerade by Kathie Briggs, a 24" jointed doll with wired fingers and a mask!  As stated above-these are VERY high quality patterns -- you can't go wrong with Kathie's patterns!

Price $10.90 ppd in the U.S. and Canada Add to Cart

Here is Kathie's Old World Jester - he is a 24" jointed doll.  Includes full-color instructions for drawings and coloring the face! NICE!  $10.90 ppd in the U.S. and Canada