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Abra Creations
By Abra Creations!!!

A Gnome for all Seasons
by Abra Creations
 (Shelley Hawkey)

This adorable pattern makes a gnome doll that is about 7" high.  The pattern includes 64 pattern pieces to make about 14 different dolls!  So much fun!!!

including shipping in the USA

 Here are some examples:
Bride Doll and Groom Doll
Teacher Doll
Father Time / New Year Doll
Valentine or Springtime Doll
Uncle Sam / Independence Day Doll
Leprechaun / St. Patrick's Day Doll
Halloween / Witch Doll
Thanksgiving / Fall Doll
Birthday Doll
Male and Female Christmas dolls
Male and Female Summer fun dolls

Mother Earth
by Shelley Hawkey of Abra Creations

This is a candlestick doll...super easy construction but you get a wonderful finished look.  Needle sculpted head and Shelly includes several pictures on the package to help you along the way,

The doll will stand about 17" though your candlestick can make a difference.  You could also use a cone for tree a great tree topper!

including shipping in the USA
By Abra Creations

This pattern is a great one for Beginners!  It makes a 16" mummy doll.

The instructions for the satnd are included too.

including shipping in the USA
by Abra Creations

A great doll and craft project all in one!
This witch doll is made on top of a glass vase!  The doll will be about 19" tall.  You will use an 11" floral vase and scrapbooking supplies, paint and tiny battery operated lights to make your haunted scene inside.  A little glass painting completes the scene.

The doll is wonderfully needlescuplted...Shelley includes lots of pictures to help you see how the sculpting should look at various steps through out the project!

including shipping in the USA

Baby Bedbug
by Abra Creations

Cute, Cute, Cute!!!  This pattern is for an 8" shelf sitter.  This little bug has two wings that you make out of floral wire and tulle.  The face is needle sculpted...the mouth is painted on.  And check out the ears!  

$11.00 with shipping in US & Canada
By Abra Creations

Here is another new design from Shelley Hawkey at Abra Creations.  This doll pattern is for a 13" free standing pixie doll.  Shelley uses sand to weight the doll so she will stand.  

The watercan and little teddy bear are purchased items.  

The face is needle sculpted.  Shelley uses shank buttons to attach the arms.  She also includes additional pictures  on her website so you can look at up close color photos while you are working.

$11.00 with shipping in US & Canada
Gradle May
by Abra Creations

This is an 8" shelf sitter doll pattern.  Wouldn't this look cute in an Easter basket?

The dragon fly is made with beads, ribbon and wire and Shelley includes complete instructions for making it and the doll.  The doll bottom is weighted with sand.  The face in needle sculpted.

$11.00 with shipping in US & Canada
The Sewing Fairy!
by Abra Creations

This doll is 14" high when completed..she is designed to hang from the ceiling!
She in needle sculpted and just adorable!
You will have fun gathering supplies in your own stash for her basket!

$11.00 with shipping in the US & Canada
by Abra Creations

Here is another Tree Troll!  A very different face on this one.  Shelley includes instructions and diagrams on needle sculpting the face and feet.

This one is also 10" seated and the instructions for the clothes and the little doll are included.

$11.50 with shipping

by Shelley Hawkey /Abra Creations

Get ready for St. Patrick's Day!  This pattern makes a 14" free standing Leprechaun.  Doll is needlesculpted and has a wired armature.

$11.00 with shipping
by Shelley Hawkey of Abra Creations

This is a pattern for a stump doll that is 20" high.  The pattern for both mom and baby are included.  The baby has a scuplted face also and color pictures of it are included, even though you can't see it on the pattern cover.

Good needle scuplting directions with color photos on the inside of the pattern help you go step by step.  The clothes are done using a tack and drape method.

$11.00 including shipping
by Abra Creations

This is a 20" stump doll pattern.  The doll is needle scuplted with good diagrams for sculpting.  
Like the pattern above Shelley included color photos inside but these are showing the costuming (The pattern above shows the needle scuplting).

This doll uses some different techniques and includes a very good color diagram for creating the face using watercolor pencils and paint.

Lots of opportunities for embellishments here!

$11.00 including shipping
by Abra Creations

The third doll in the series, this is also a 20" stump doll pattern.

Note it is an open mouth doll.

Her clothes are made from scarves and Shelley explains how to use them to get the effect you want.  The clothes are draped and tacked in place, they are not designed to be removed.

She also explains how to make the wired headband and includes a color close up photo of has a tiny butterfly in it!  But you can use your imagination to create whatever look you like.

This is another good pattern for charms and embellishments!

$11.00 including shipping
By Abra Creations

Just in time for Cinco De Mayo...Shelley Hawkey has another great pattern out.  This is Conchita and she is 20" tall.

She includes the instructions for making the wooden stand also, plus color photos.

by Shelley Hawkey
Abra Creations

This baby elf is 12".  The teeth are made from polymer clay!!  You can weight the bottom so he/she will sit up.

$11.00 with shipping in the US and Canada

by Shelley Hawkey

Maggie is a 14" stump doll ready for Halloween.  I think this would also make a darling "goth" doll!

$11.00 Includes shipping
by Shelley Hawkey

Brady is a 14" sitting doll with a frog.
The pattern for the frog is included.

$11.00 PPD

Dain & Clove
Baby Cupids
by Shelley Hawkey

These darling little cupids are 8 1/2" high.  The pattern includes instructions for the heart pillows.

by Abra Creation/Shelley Hawkey

Just in time for Easter!  This pattern makes a 20" bunny.
As always Shelley includes photos on the inside cover of her patterns to help you with the details.

$12.00 PPD
by Shelley Hawkey

Lilly is a flower that stands 15" tall.
The pattern calls for a clay flower pot that is 4".  Wouldn't these make great centerpieces for a Baby Shower or other event?!

$11.00 Includes shipping
Gabriel the Gatherer

Gabriel is a 14" stand alone Troll doll. His body is one piece with shoes that are sewn to the front for balance. He is made of dyed fleece with wood beads for eyes. He carries a hand made basket full of treasures.

Price is $11.00 postpaid in the U.S. and Canada
Fen is the Keeper of Wisdom.

He is a wise old Troll that stands unaided at 14" high. His skin is made with a cream colored fleece. He holds a wisdom ball and carries a walking stick.

Price $11.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada  

Galin, by Abra Creations -- wonderful baby Gargoyle that sits only 5.5" high! Wow, what a teeny cutie pie!

Price only $10.60 postpaid in the U.S., Canada and Mexico

Jacob the Elf is 7" tall sitting -- a cute small little guy!  By Abra Creations!
Price $11.00 postpaid in the U.S. and Canada  Add to Cart

Shae the Elf - by Abra Creations.  She stands 11" tall.  The elf is holding a birdhouse that is 2" high.  Price $11.00 postpaid in the U.S. and Canada
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Mrs. Santa by Abra Creations --

 $13.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada -- 14" tall  
Abra Creations (Shelley Hawkey) --
Santa pattern

$13.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada
Jax - Jax is a Sprite Fairy. He is 7" from head to toe and is made of light colored fleece. He fly's with the help of a wood skewer and a small wood platform.
Price $11.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada  
Nel - Nel is a sitting Sprite Fairy. She sits in a nest with the bird eggs.The handmade nest sits in a tree branch secured into a wood platform. She is also made of light colored fleece.
Price $11.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada  
Brook - Brook is a 13" standing Troll doll. She is made of light colored fleece with wood bead eyes. She stands with the help of a dowel that goes up through her leg so that it doesn't show. The dowel attaches to a small wood platform that can be decorated.
Price $11.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada  
Grae - Grae is the elder of the Trolls. She stands unaided at 14" and carries a walking stick. She is made with cream colored fleece and has an aged face.
Price $11.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada