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Karlene Atkins Page 4

Gangling Golly is a 70cm (27in) button jointed Golly-About-Town. He has wired fingers, stitched joint shoulders, sleeve button joints at his elbows and gusset hinged button joints for his knees.   Isn't he great?!

$13.50 PPD

Tahlee's Fairy, by Karlene Atkins of Australia-- a 20" button wing fairy with long skinny legs and arms, knotted elbow and knee joints, and sewn in shoes. She wears gathered bloomers under her petal dress. She has a hand-drawn and coloured face, a little optional needlesculpting, and that lovely tousled hair that a fairy gets when flying. She has two sets of different wings to chose from that button on at the back. One pair are for true “fairy flying” around the house and garden, and the other pair are more like angel wings for visiting far off places and distant baby brothers.
Price $13.99 postpaid in the U.S., Canada and Mexico

FACE prepainted by Karlene for you on a muslin type material!  Price $9.00 ppd in the U.S., Canada or Mexico   Add to Cart

Shhh... Whisper, by Karlene Atkins of Australia, is a petite “button wing” fairy made in sitting position. She has double fabric wings stiffened, cut, then stitched to finish around the edges. They are secured at the back with decorative buttons. She has button jointed hips and shoulders, wears gathered bloomers adorned with ribbons, and a mop cap holds down her wispy mohair tresses. Her face is hand drawn and coloured and has a little optional needlesculpting to give it extra dimension. Her little hands are wired inside.
Pattern:  $13.99 ppd in the U.S., Canada or Mexico

FACE handpainted by Karlene on a muslin-type fabric $9.00 ppd

"Breeze", by Karlene Atkins, is a "button wing fairy" designed to dance and fly, with button joints at her shoulders and hips for movement. She can sit, or with her arms in the air, she summons the breeze to fly with her double buttoned wings. She wears harem pants to protect her modesty while dancing and flying. She has wired fingers to catch hold of twigs as she goes, and her hand-dyed mohair "hair" flows in curls around her hand drawn face. A little needlesculpting helps shape her face and chin.
PATTERN:  $13.99 ppd

Handpainted FACE: $9.00 ppd
Karlene Atkins Nick the Santa!
Nick the Santa is a 60cm (24in) jolly Santa with a hand drawn and coloured face and natural white mohair for his beard and hair. He wears gathered trousers and a cuffed and trimmed coat buttoned up the front, with a buckled belt. He has black boots and a jolly “Santa” hat complete with jingle bell. His mitt hands are simply wired so he can hold his toy sack which is adorned with ribbons and bells.
Price $14.99 ppd in the U.S., Canada or Mexico PATTERN Add to Cart

Handpainted face by Karlene $9.00 ppd in the U.S., Canada and Mexico
Hellebore is a 40cm (16in) fabric fairy doll, dressed in plush panne velvet. She has a needle sculpted face and button jointed shoulders, with wired fingers that allow her to hold those precious flower stalks from the plant after which she is named. Her dress is trimmed with fine cord and her feet with beads as ice skates, since it is Winter in my garden when she appears. She sprouts large organza wings and she is designed to hang.  So cute!!!

$13.50 PPD
Now $9.99

Neptune's daughter
Neptune's Daughter

A 19" hanging doll....though you can make her longer it you want!  Lots of opportunity for embellishment!!

What treasures will your doll collect in her travels through the sea?

$13.50 PPD