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Face Molds by Jean Bernard

Note that this is a mold only and requires you to use clay or paperclay.  There is no doll body pattern  included.

Mold for Breast Plate
by Jean Bernard

Jean's new press mold makes a breast plate for dolls that have a head size of about 2 2/3" heads.  You can use it with face molds like those from Sherry Goshon.

The picture shows it with plain clay and painted.  You can also cover it with clothes of course so you can get some defined shape for your art dolls.

This mold is quite large and heavy.  Note that Canadian shipping must be paid as international rates and requires customs forms of course.

$30.00 with shipping
 in USA only
Olivia Face Mold
by Jean Bernard

This mold makes a face 2" long.
I love the downcast eyes!


Kali Rose Mold
by Jean Bernard

A wonderful face mold for a 1 1/2" face!


Cassie & Rhi Face molds
by Jean Bernard

This is a double face mold.  It makes both faces.  One is 1" and the other is 7/8"

I will be replacing the photos...sorry for the bad scans but I think you get the idea of what the faces will look like.


Celia Face Mold
by Jean Bernard

This mold makes a face that is only 1"
It is an open mouth mold with 2 front teeth!

Great for doll pins.


by Jean Bernard

This lovely face mold makes a small face just 1".  It is designed to be a pin and comes with a CD of instructions.
Isn't she something!  Think of how easy all those pin doll swaps will be with this mold!

$26.50 Includes shipping

(Sherry Goshon has a body pattern to fit this is called Matti)
Mother Face Mold
by Jean Bernard

This mold makes a 2" face.

$21.50 PPD
(includes shipping)

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