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Karlene Atkins                                     
Karlene Atkins page 2
Copyright Karlene Atkins, All Rights Reserved.  Karlene is from Australia

 23" cloth doll with handpainted face by Karlene Atkins, the designer of the pattern/doll!!
Pattern $12.00 ppd in the U.S.

Hand painted Face of Alice $7.60

Party Girl by Karlene Atkins - DISCOUNTED!
A 19" cloth fairy, full of beauty and whimsey!  
Pattern includes TWO photographs, one close up of the face and one as pictured to the left.
Party Girl wears a dress with lined full circle skirt edged with piping, gathered bodice and gathered quarter circle sleeves.  It is finished with a sash and ribbons.  Her arms are button jointed at the shoulders and elbows and she has wired fingers.  Her legs are laced and beaded and she wears gathered bloomers.  Her hair is made from fringing with a start headpiece.  She has a needle sculpted face, drawn and coloured with pen and pencil and stitched eyelashes to match her hair.

Price is 14.50 ppd in the U.S. only
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NOW 10.00!

a 17 inch cloth fairy doll with a delicate hand drawn face and hand dyed mohair for hair tied up with fine ribbon or cord.  She has a petal skirt, hence her name, embellished with decorative buttons and beads over a panne velvet gathered underskirt.  Petallia's wings are also petal shaped and rest over panne gathered sleeves.  Decorative buttons and beads accentuate her elbows and knees and she has button jointed hips and shoulders.   Her fingers are wired with pipecleaners and she wears little suede slippers.  
Price $13.50 ppd in the U.S. and Canada

This is Petallia's face hand done by Karlene Atkins as well - Price is $7.60 ppd in the U.S.

 The Gum Tree Spirit who lives in the valleys of the beautiful Blue Mountains near my home, a truly Austrlian doll.  Her obdy is contoured in six pieces.  She is button jointed at the shoulders, has gusset joints at the elbows, and her fingers are wired.  Instructions are included to make the gum blossoms that adorn her elegant leaf gown, which is made with templates traced from actual leaves.  Her face is needle sculpted and hand-drawn and she wears a gum blossom hat.  "I have designed Eucalypta as a hanging doll to rreplicate the fall of the leaves on the beautiful trees that give her identity."  She is 21".  The patttern has detailed instructions and pattern sheets, (including the blossoms and leaves), and lots of clear diagrams.  
#ATK03  12.00 ppd in the US and Canada

Raggy Rose is a 22" cloth doll by Karlene Atkins of Australia - includes another photo of the face--close up!

Price $14.00 ppd in the U.S.

A rag doll to love and to keep with her own little raggy Baby Bea.  Both have hand-drawn faces using pen and pencil, Beatrix' with a little optional needle sculpting.  Beatrix' muslin and lace dress is removable as is her pretty pinafore.  She also wears muslin and lace bloomers.  She has striped tights with sewn in bootees decorated with yoyos.  Her boucle hair is tied up with lace also decorated with a yoyo.  Baby Bea wears a muslin blouse, lace and muslin bloomers, a striped pinny and lace collar.  Her hair is made from torn fabric strips bunched up with ribbbon ties.  Beatrix is 26" and Baby Bea is 12".  The pattern for Beatrix and Baby Bea includes detailed insturctions and clear diagrams for BOTH dolls.
(please remember, muslin is not the same thing as OUR muslin.  Muslin from Aussie is a printed cotton type fabric here in the US)
#ATK01  14.50 ppd in the US and Canada

This is the face of Beatrix, (NOW INCLUDES THE BABY BEA FACE AS WELL!!)from the pattern of the same name by Karlene Atkins! Handpainted/colored by Karlene - on a muslin type fabric.  Price for BOTH faces $12.00 ppd in the U.S.

(22") is a pretty country cloth doll.  She wears a gatherered smock over a coordinating skirt, and calico pantaloons edged with cotton lace and ribbon.  She has patterned tights and homespun boots.  She is trimmed with fabric bows including one to tie up her fine boucle hair.  Her face is hand drawn and coloured (instructions for this are included).  She has stitched fingers and wrists and shoulder epaulet joints.  
13.50 ppd in the US