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Karlene Atkins
all images and pattterns copyright Karlene Atkins

Karlene Atkins
Charlotte (1 3/4 x 1 1/4)
$15.00 with shipping

Nick the Santa (2 1/4 x 1 1/2)
$18.75 with shipping

Raggedy Rose Face Stamp
1 1/2" x 1 3/8"
$16.75 PPD

Face Stamps
By Karlene Atkins!!

Check out these face stamps!  
They are clear polymer on a clear acrylic base so you can easily position them on your doll head while you are working!

I love Karlene's stamps....  They give a great impression.  

Here is a tutorial from Karlene on how to use these stamps!

Here is a link to a tutorial I made using these stamps:

Beatrix (2 1/8 x 1 3/8)
$16.75 PPD

Truffle (1" x 5/8")
$12.75 with shipping
out of stock

Pierrette Face Stamp
by Karlene Atkins

Size 3.25cm x 2.75cm
(1¼in x 1 1/8in)

I love Karlene's stamps...I think they are the best because they are clear and you can really position the face on your doll head clearly.  They give a great impression.  

$15.50 ppd in US & Canada
by Karlene Atkins

Here is the latest pattern from Karlene in Austraila.  Here is what she has to say about this pattern:

Maple is the nymphlike creature who lives in the majestic 80 year old Japanese maple in my back garden. She dwells there silently all Summer and appears mid Autumn just before this gracious tree drops its leaves for Winter. She appears in her colorful leaf costume made from fabric and ultrasuede, in chartreuse green, through the golds, orange, russet and burgundy to a purple that I am sure appears just before the fall. She has a needle sculpted and hand drawn face, and button joints at the shoulders and hips that help her on her graceful way. How appropriate that she be adorned with buttons, made from wood and shaped as leaves. Maple is 30cm (12in) tall

$15.50 with shipping in US & Canada
Out of Stock

by Karlene Atkins

Pierrette is a tribute to the French tradition of sad clowns and Karlene named her after her male counterpart, Pierrot.

Her head is made in three pieces with a seam up the center back and a flat face.  Her neck ruffle is gathered lace and her costume is her body.  It is made in two fabrics joined at the center front and back, and is stitch jointed at the shoulders and hips to allow her to sit in pose. Her hands are made separately with wired fingers and are poked into her costume sleeves. Her feet are also made separately and poked in at the ankles.

Plaited fine ribbons surround her face and are left to fall from a ribbon rose stitched to one side.
35cm (14in) Finished Size

$15.50 with shipping in US & Canada
out of stock

For those who do not wish to draw their own face from the pattern instructions, her printed face is available on ivory quilter's muslin.

Face only
$13.50 with shipping in US & Canada

A face stamp is also available
By Karlene Atkins

A fabulous pattern for a raggedy style doll.

She is 21".  Her upper arms are made from the same fabric as her body to make it look like sleeves.

$13.25 PPD

(Can be used with the Charlotte face stamp listed above)

Away with Fairies!
by Karlene Atkins

Here is something a little bit different!  It is a pattern for a 3D wall hanging that measures 24" x 19".

Truffle is the "cheeky" little fairy that is made separately and hand stitched on.  The pattern includes the instructions for the wall hanging, text, the mushrooms, blades of grass, and the fairy doll.  

$13.75 with shipping

(Can be used with the Truffle face stamp above)

Hannie-Mavis & Rooster
by Karlene Atkins

Here is a pattern I thought was so cute!  Its not new but I haven't carried it on this site before.  The doll is a 26in country cloth cutie. Her body is made from a low stretch fabric, her eyes are buttons and her mouth row of French knots. She wears shorts with an elasticized waist and a lace trimmed blouse done up at the back with velcro dots. She is ready for tree climbing at the drop of her gathered skirt (also done up with velcro). She has button trimmed knees and elbows, and sewn in boots. Her hair is made with plaited yarn, decorated with buttons stitched with linen thread. Hannie-Mavis cuddles her much loved pet rooster for which the pattern is included.

$13.50 PPD

Miranda's Doll
by Karlene Atkins

This pattern is for a 21" doll.

She wears shoes that are approximately 3 3/4"

Instructions for drawing the face are included or you could use the same face stamp as Charlotte above.

$13.25 PPD

by Karlene Atkins

Holly is a 9" christmas fairy.  Her skirt is made up of panels shaped like real holly leaves.  Of course she can be done in other colors as well but the red and green sure works well for this little fairy!

Can be used with the truffle face stamp.

$13.25 PPD