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Patterns by Colleen Babcock from the U.K.

Colleen Babcock
The period costume inspired by crinoline-mad fashions of the 1860’s is full of surprises. Each point on the doll’s overskirt can be looped up and hung from a bead, either to create a different look or to mark the passing of each day before Christmas, thereby revealing the lining underneath and creating a whole new look for the doll in the lead up to the holidays. The doll’s very special hat also holds a surprise and is the means of marking another day in the countdown to Christmas. The doll’s hat has a hinged crown so that on one of the days of Advent, you can flip the crown of the hat forward and reveal some fantastic marabou trim hidden inside – talk about flipping your lid! While the final surprise to mark the last day of Advent is unveiled by opening the fan to reveal the message “Merry Christmas”
Counting Down the Days
by Colleen Babcock

This pattern makes a wonderful 16.5" Advent doll or just a wonderful Victorian fashion doll. each point of the overskirt can be folded up to down to reveal a design.

 Added to that, the shapely free standing body of this doll makes her an excellent mannequin that could be dressed in any outfit you can imagine.  The pattern includes the full doll and clothes, including shoes and pantaloons.
The 26 pages of detailed instructions guide you through every aspect of making this cloth doll with the help of black and white diagrams. Areas such as drawing and sculpting the face, adding applied eyelids, sewing the unique separate neck, sewing hands with an opposable thumb and even inserting the simple wire armature are all covered in the instructions.

This pattern is a great value!!

$14.00 includes the price of shipping in the USA.

The Green Man
by Colleen Babcock

This pattern makes a great Green man face.  The head is about 2 1/2" and can be a great pin doll, or ornament.

I have an original that Colleen made and it is fabulous.

including shipping in USA

Gather Ye Rosebuds
by Colleen Babcock

Just in from the UK!  More than just a doll "Gather Ye Rosebuds" is an intermediate level,15”cloth doll with a working clock built into the base.
The detailed instructions guide you through
every aspect of making this cloth doll including drawing and sculpting the face, creating the stump base out of thick felt, sewing the separate neck,
printing the apron fabric using printer ready cotton sheets, creating thecostume, inserting the clock, and crafting small details like the ribbonroses and tiny leather shoes.

More than just a pattern
And if that weren’t enough, the pattern also includes exclusive access to a FREE mini online class delving into even greater detail on how to create the
doll’s face with step by step color photos!

$14.00 with shipping in the US & Canada
Out of stock

Kit #2 (only 2 left)

This is just the thick felt padding to make the base of the doll.  If you don't want to make the clock then this is a good choice.

$14.50 including shipping in US only

Give Us A Kiss
by Colleen Babcock

Give Us a Kiss is a 15” cloth doll with her arms extended above her head to clutch onto a bunch of mistletoe, hoping for a kiss.  In her finished position, the doll measures approximately 23”  in length, including the mistletoe ball.  
 For those people who feel very challenged by drawing doll faces, several elements of this pattern can help, including the less difficult to draw closed eyes, the shaped head pattern which helps when placing the facial features and the detailed instructions that guide you through every aspect of drawing and sculpting the face.  
The pattern also includes instructions to make the doll's festive costume complete with blanket stitch detailing.  

$14.00 with shipping in the US & Canada

Treasures of the Deep
by Colleen Babcock

Here is a wonderful new pattern from Colleen!  This pattern makes a 15 inch all cloth doll.  This lovely siren can also hold and display your jewelry!!

The base is made from a CD storage case and covered in felt....Colleen includes instructions on how to take an old sweater and felt it to make the rock and seaweed base.


$14.00 with shipping in the US & Canada

Snowflake and Spider Sprite
by Colleen Babock

This little sprite is a two-in-one pattern. From the same pattern create either a snowflake sprite or a spider sprite.   Using different materials and only a few varying pattern pieces to transform the doll from a winter wonder to a spooky spider.
The pattern includes color photographs of both versions of the doll as well as 14 pages of instructions accompanied by black and white diagrams. The sprite is a 20” (50.8cm) cloth doll designed to be hung on a wall as a decoration – perfect for Christmas or Halloween.

The doll’s legs, body, arms and embellishments are relatively simple, leaving you more time to spend on her expressive face and hands. This pattern gives detailed instruction in drawing, sculpting and coloring the face, as well as revealing the secrets of sewing, turning and posing tiny fingers and an opposable thumb for hands with maximum expression.

$13.50 now $8.00
including shipping in USA