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Hello to all of you pattern designers! These are some guidelines that I try to go by for my selection of designers

#1, I purchase patterns USUALLY from the original artist of the patterns, if you have patterns, please contact me and send me pictures.  I accept patterns of items I think will sell. If I do NOT choose one of yours, it is not personal.  It might not be the correct timing for the pattern.  I will suggest that you continue to send me patterns to review via email.

#2, I prefer REAL crisp/clear pictures on the cover. I prefer not to accept pattern covers with inkjet covers UNLESS it is of the highest quality and the best resolution, which, in the end, may cost more than a real photo.

#3, Customers have asked before if the pages are on newspaper type layouts.  Lots of customers prefer NOT to have this style as it is hard to read, keep in order, etc.  Wording inside pattern pieces can get confusing if it is part of the instructions to make the product.  Do not put instructions "inside" a pattern piece, once it is cut, who knows what to do with it.

#4, If you smoke or have a smoker in the house, please be careful where you store your patterns to sell.  Airing them out is not an easy task, but has to be done to sell them from my shoppe.

#5, Customers LOVE pictures/drawings, anything to SHOW what you are saying in your patterns -- I personally use only pictures to make a pattern - if there are no pictures and only words, I am almost completely lost, and I'm sure there are others out there like me, who need pictures, drawings or something to show what you are speaking about in the text. Thanks!

#6, If you have any questions or need some help in getting your patterns out there, or would like an honest opinion, send me an email.  (clothdollpatterns@yahoo.com)  I do my best to give you my opinion and to help you in any way possible.  If something needs improving upon, I try to let you know "nicely" as I always want to encourage you to keep going !  You may just need more time to improve on your own skills as a doll maker before releasing patterns to the public.  You want your best foot forward on your very first pattern, this is SO important to get out there with a GREAT pattern than with a "so so" pattern.  I encourage you to "hone" your skills- and keep improving and create your own style, THEN if you feel like you want to create patterns, do so then.  Do not just jump in and make "anything" as I did, do it right, do it well and do it when you are truly comfortable with your skills and your own style.  Some tend to jump into making patterns too soon, doesn't always work out.

#7 Please put the name of the item and copyright information on EACH PATTERN PIECE (unless, of course, it is tiny!) -- this helps if we drop a selection of things, to be able to find it's right place in the stacks of patterns we seem to have.  It would also help to have the name of the pattern and page numbers on each page of the pattern too!  I've mixed up pattern pages before!

Great suggestion from a customer:

"BEFORE printing up and sending out a pattern to sell, the dollmaker needs to get her or his directions to a selection of people - perhaps a local doll club with a variety of members with different skills - and have these folks try to construct the doll, or structure, or whatever. Ask for feedback - and be willing to take it and change the directions and then send it out again until most everyone who tries it can open up the pattern and make the doll. Of course, if some advanced skills are required it's fine to say 'intermediate skills" or whatever - unless they want to do an instructional pattern, which is a different kettle of canoli - and certainly NOT what most doll patterns consist of."  

Lots of times my customers ask me where they can get a pattern they see on eBay...I do my darndest to get it for them.

If I have a pattern that just does not sell well...I will have a sale and delete it from my stock, that is my right as a business, and not intended to hurt feelings...I'm sure you know that...I do not announce the sale publicly for quite some time--I give notice to my mailling list first- and I have over 400 on that so a pattern usually sells quickly and quietly.