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My name is Noel Wolfman and I purchased this website from Lisa Risler in January of 2006.  
I have been a cloth doll maker since 1999 when I stumbled on to the FOCD site while surfing
one day.  Wow!  I learned so much.  And I became a pattern junkie!!
 So before you knew it I had a ton of patterns and here we are.

The business is based in Southern Califronia.
  I am also a member of the Sisters of the Cloth doll club
in Manhattan Beach, California.  If you live in the LA/Orange County area please contact me at my email
address below to get information on the club.  We'd love to have you join us!

You can email me at clothdollpatterns@yahoo.com

I send out newsletters every Friday which let you know about Sales and New Items
I use a yahoo group to make the sign up and emailing easier.  If you would like
to receive the newsletter please click on the icon on the home page and sign up.

ps: the dog is my keeshond puppy Elle Dee (LD)