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Party Girl by Karlene Atkins - DISCOUNTED!
A 19" cloth fairy, full of beauty and whimsy!  
Pattern includes TWO photographs, one close up of the face and one as pictured to the left.
Party Girl wears a dress with lined full circle skirt edged with piping, gathered bodice and gathered quarter circle sleeves.  It is finished with a sash and ribbons.  Her arms are button jointed at the shoulders and elbows and she has wired fingers.  Her legs are laced and beaded and she wears gathered bloomers.  Her hair is made from fringing with a start headpiece.  She has a needle sculpted face, drawn and colored with pen and pencil and stitched eyelashes to match her hair.

Price is 14.50 ppd in the U.S. only
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NOW 10.00!

Papilla  - DISCOUNTED!
is an enchanting 17 1/2 fabric fairy doll.  She has a frilled dress, wired fingers, hand drawn and colored face, petal bonnet and tulle wings.  She is designed to hang in a window or hover on a doll stand.
12.00 ppd in the US
Now $8.00

Beth is a 61cm (24in) cloth doll with a hand-drawn face and yarn hair plaited around the face. She wears lace trimmed pantaloons, a gathered skirt, and a smock buttoned down the back with a curved yoke and gathered sleeves. Her sewn in boots are trimmed with fabric ties and Suffolk Puffs.

Pattern ONLY is $14.00 postpaid in the U.S. and Canada
NOW $9.99
Josie is a 54cm (21in) cloth raggy with yarn pigtails tied with ribbons, a hand-drawn face, and stitched fingers. She wears a blouse with gathered sleeves and lace trimmed bloomers. Her pinny has a strip-pieced bodice, with Suffolk Puffs, and a lace trimmed gathered skirt.
Pattern ONLY is $14.00 postpaid in the U.S. and Canada
NOW $9.99

Kate is a 56 cm (22in) rag doll with yarn hair and hand-drawn face. Her head and arms are made separately and sewn onto the body. She has stitched knee and elbow joints and wired fingers. She wears lace-trimmed pants and a collared blouse, with puffed sleeves and a buttoned opening down the back. Her lace trimmed pinny also buttons down the back and has straps that cross over and button onto the bib at the front. She has ribbon ties at her ankles, around the gathers of her sleeves and in her hair.

Pattern ONLY is $13.99 postpaid in the U.S. and Canada
NOW $9.99

When you wish upon a star, The Wish Fairy is sure to hear. She is a 50cm (20in) cloth fairy doll,
designed to hang, wearing a costume mode with peaked and lined panne velvet layers,
embellished at each point with a star collected in her travels. Her face is hand-drawn and coloured,
her hair mode from hand-dyed mohair, and she wears a pointed panne velvet hat spilling a star
tulle veil and fine ribbons. She has separate fingers with wire inserts to pose her arms and hands, and
she balances a star wish on one finger.

Pattern $13.99 postpaid in the U.S. and Canada    Add to Cart
NOW $9.99
Old Saint Nick is a 28" Cloth Doll pattern    This is a grand Santa...and a must for Santa makers/collectors.  Leta loves Christmas, you can tell!

Price 10.00 ppd in the U.S.
20% OFF
16" Snow Lady cloth doll pattern.

Perfect and beautiful.

Price is $10.00 ppd in the U.S.

20% OFF

Snow Lady Amulet bag perfect for Christmas

A wonderful pattern made from velvet and lots of beading.


10.00  PPD US

20% OFF

Tree Topper

 An elegant, victorian tree topper pattern.  One of the most beautiful tree toppers I have ever seen. Perfect for YOUR Christmas tree or as a gift!  You'll love this doll on your tree, and everyone who sees it on yours will want one as well, so be ready!


10.00 PPD US
20% OFF

Here's an Angel Ornament!

Leta designed this wonderful ornament pattern in time for all of us to make lots of these for our trees/sales/friends!


10.00 PPD US

20% OFF
The Jester Merotte Pattern


10.00 PPD      
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20% OFF

Jester Amulet Purse & Pin Pattern  
This bag is fun to make out of velvet and the pin is as well.


10.00 PPD
20% OFF


Beautiful 8 inch Snow Fairy.


10.00 PPD

20% OFF

Adorable 8 inch Clover Fairy.  She is just beautiful!!


10.00 PPD

20% OFF

Rosebud Fairy, an 8" stunning doll!


10.00 PPD

20% OFF
The Bird Watchers

8" & 12" Cloth Doll Patterns

This pattern not only offers you two different size doll patterns but also gives you the choice of using either mitts for the larger cat or articulated hands for the more advanced dollmaker.  Wonderful pattern.


10.00 PPD
Now just $5.00!