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Jane Coughlan
Jane Coughlan
From Jane Coughlan of New Zealand, Pippi's CAR! A cloth car for the kids in your life (or for you)

Here's a pattern for a very cool 1950's style car made from cloth! It's designed to fit a little doll by the name of Pippi - in fact it will fit her and a friend up front & two more dolls in the back! The trunk lifts up to fit in all their goodies when they've been shopping. The wheels turn around so she can drive it around to visit her friend Pete and maybe get him to look under the hood and tune up the big V8 engine. It is 16" long, 8" wide and 3-1/2" high. Pippi pattern sold separately.  

Price $19.99ppd in the U.S. (a very detailed pattern)  

Pete's Truck by Jane Coughlan
Pete loves his truck! Based on a 1938 Chevrolet, it's a joy to play with - soft enough to cuddle yet firm enough to drive. The wheels turn around so Pete can drive it around to visit Pippi, & there's enough room in the cab that she can sit up there with Pete. And when Pete drives it back into his garage he can lift the hood to check the big V8 engine!
This little truck is 10" long & will give you about 20 hours of fun making it!!
Price $19.99 postpaid in the U.S. and Canada  

Christmas Tree Topper by Jane Coughlan

Cute huh!

Price $13.00 ppd in the U.S.
Parachute Pete - simple pattern to do - very fun to make 12" tall.

Price $13.00 ppd in the U.S.
Jane Coughlan now has a BOY to go with Pippa! (her other mini doll)

Only 4 1/2" high - cute and perfect for "Pete's Garage" below
$13.00 ppd in the U.S.
Pete's Garage CUTE CUTE CUTE and goes well with Pippa's little dollhouse.

Price $19.99 ppd in the U.S.

The Doll's House by Jane Coughlan
A fun little quilted doll's house to make that folds up flat at the end of the day's play.  Made from five double sided little quilts.  Four rooms fold out to make a cute wee house.  Absolutely darling and lots of fun! It is 20" tall.
Price $19.99 ppd in the U.S.

 4 1/2" tall.

Pippi fits into Jane Coughlan's DOLL HOUSE pattern (I sell it) -
Cute and a tiny doll!!

Price $13.00 ppd in the U.S.
The Vampire. He's a good scary boy's kind of doll but a good challenging make.  

Make a vampire with a face full of fangs and an open mouth complete with a snarl! A 20" cloth doll with a wire armature, applique face and weighted shoes that will take you several hours of fun to make - with just a little gnashing of teeth guaranteed!  Use 100% cotton for all the head pieces, the upper body (shirt) and the legs.

Price $13.00 ppd in the U.S.

Sitting Pretty!

A small pretty little girl who sits where you put her with her long legs neatly crossed or both folded to one side, and she'll even sit crosslegged!  This 15" doll is a piece of cake to make - button joints secure the arms.  The shoes are painted on.  The face is painted but not sculpted.  Nice and neat AND EASY!  This is an excellent doll for those new to cloth doll making.
Price $13.00 ppd in the U.S.

Laughing Man!
This guy is a big-headed GREAT doll to display and enjoy.  He's a good challenge for those keen cloth doll makers who want something complicated to flex their sewing skills on.  He's 18" tall and sports an open mouth, tight trousers, pointy shoes, puff sleeves and a neck ruff.  Have fun with this one!

Price is 13.00 postpaid in the U.S.

Beach Bloke!
Perfect to be sitting near your Beach Babe's but look out!  He's pretty swift--can't ya tell?

Great pattern.  
13.00 ppd in the US

Boo in a Box

Brand new from Jane.  This is a most wonderful pattern for a fun-loving kind of person.  A good gift as well!

Pattern does not include the spring, spring is separate (just in case you have a spring)

Pattern 13.00 PPD US  (#JC09)

Spring coil for Boo in the box 15.00 PPD US (#JC10)

Beach Babe on her Side

Gracefully draped upon the beach and very relaxed, this girl's not worried in the least that she's falling out of her bikini in all directions!  Gravity is just doing it's job!
7"H x 20" L
13.00 PPD  

Beach Babe on her Tummy

This girl is lazing on the beach with her friends, just letting it all hang out!  She is one of a group of three large ladies basking in the sun in their swimsuits, happy and content with life. (I carry 2 of them)
13.00 PPD

Dazzling Dolls

This 22" doll is a stylish rag doll with a wardrobe to die for!!  The pattern is designed to encourage you to do your own thing so you end up with a uniquely dressed doll.  The doll itself has a choice of three different leg designs and three different methods of hair are given.  Included are patterns for a dress, petticoat, jacket, top, shorts and trousers.  This is a pattern with which to have fun playing dolls!
13.00 PPD


A jolly jumping jester with curly-wurly shoes and a many pointed hat, this character is sure to delight you.  Create a sad and soulful character or a bright, vivid flash of life and colour,  This doll (30") is heaps of fun to make and is sure to make you smile!
13.00 PPD

Little Urchins

These two rugged little kids are real cuties!  With their huge bare feet and long skinny legs, these little urchins can get up to all sorts of mischief - wading through creeks looking for tadpoles, firing at apples with a slingshot...Lots of good healthy outdoor fun.  20" tall
13.00 PPD  

The Square Dancing Angels are back by Jane Coughlan of New Zealand -- these are just too cute!!

Price $13.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada