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Patti Culea   (Patti has discontinued her printed patterns...when these are gone there are no more!)
Patti Culea
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Ms Maddie Hatter
by Patti Culea

This pattern makes a doll that is about 19".  You will use cotton for the body and clothes.  Fat Quarters will work for most of the costume and body but you will need 1 1/4 yard for the skirt.

$15.00 includes shipping in USA
Lantern Maker
By Patti Culea

This doll pattern makes a great doll that is 14" tall.  The doll has a simple armature for posing, which also allows her to stand on her own.  You will use craft foam to create her clothing.  The lantern is made from silk cocoons which can also be embellished with beads and sequins.

The pattern includes lots of step by step photos and details on drawing and coloring the face.

This will be a fun project!

including shipping in the USA

Fairy Fan
By Patti Culea

Here is a great new pattern from Patti!   A 10 inch  fabric fan with fun fairies that have interchangeable clothes.

Free motion machine work, crazy patchwork, coloring of faces and bodies, applique, simple beadwork make up some of the techniques explored in this fun project. Inside the pattern is a photo showing the back of the fan, along with detailed instructions.

This is the project Patti taught at EDAC this year! (2009)

$10.00 includes shipping in US
Stargaze Sewing Apron
by Patti Culea

Here is something new from Patti!  This apron can be made in two sizes  (will fit sizes 10 to 18) and has lots of pockets for carrying your sewing tools!

Patterns for the fairies at the top are included and the fairies below are made using rubber face stamps which you would need to provide or draw yourself.  There is also a doll pin that has a small scissor case on the back (the blue one).

$11.00 with shipping in the USA
Penny Cassandra
A Sewing Caddy!
by Patti Culea

This is an 18" cloth doll pattern.  The doll holds sewing supplies and has lots of also comes apart like a Russian "matryoshka" to hold more supplies inside!

$11.00 with shipping
Radical Rachel
by Patti Culea

Just catching up on Patti's patterns!  This fabulous doll is 18"  Patti uses cotton fabric for this one.  Rachel has separate hands and feet so you can put her together in easy and fun poses.  Patti recommends her for more advanced doll makers but says that beginners who have some experience in needle sculpting should also give her a try!

$10.25 including shipping!
out of stock
Stargaze Sonja
by Patti Culea

This pattern on CD is for a 5" wearable doll decked out in beads, beads, beads!

The CD has lots of color photos with step by step instructions.

( including shipping in the US and Canada)

Roxanne Goes Solo
 - a new pattern by Patti Culea.  Includes the pattern for her fabric guitar as well!

Price $11.00 postpaid in the U.S. and Canada  Add to Cart
by Patti Culea

Lovely Flower Fairy.  I think she is just gorgeous!

She is about 12" tall,

Patti includes a pattern for wings, but notes that if you are in a hurry you can by them at most craft stores!

This pattern is retired..6 left
Frances Elizabeth, Mary Belle and Their Friend Davey Bob (teddy bear)

PM16  $8.00 ppd in the US

Dancing Chubettes
Patti says "These Chubbie girls were created as a boutique item.  I sold many and received just as many requests for the pattern.  Here it is.  These are extremely easy dolls to make and you will receive many compliments if you wear them.  You'll also receive requests to make them.  I hope they bring you much joy"
#PM15    $8.00 ppd in the US
Goldberry and Purlberry of Withywindle



8.00 PPD

Audine and Willy the Seahorse
Audine 16" Willy 5"
Fun pair who are pretty easy to make,
lots of embellishments make this pair
attractive to sell, too!
$8.00 ppd

Maudlin Maddie of Moldon
is a 16" cloth doll dressed in beautiful velvets. A realistic face is created with easy to follow instructions. The top of her knee hi's have the latest in fashion-crocheted lace

8.00 PPD