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Gabe Cyr
Gabe Cyr
Copyright Gabe Cyr, Many Voices, All Rights Reserved

Gabe Cyr's LaTendresse, the tenderhearted one....
I love it, it's different and unique!

No size listed  but I've seen it -- it's an "average" size doll - uses for the torso a 9" x 10" piece of fabric.

Remember, anytime you see something and it's too small, email me and I'll send you a bigger/larger picture via attachment to the email.

$8.70 ppd in the U.S. and Canada
9.00 PPD US

BEADY ONES...beaded faces for pins and dolls.

Gabe and Anne Hesse do beaded face patterns, and each is is the difference:
The beading method is the same (Gabe taught Annie her beading method in exchange for Annie teaching Gabe how to wire wrap!)  Annie has refined this basic random beading method for making outrageously wonderful doll faces.  Besides the beading focus of her pattern...she gives detailed instructions on how to make the head for the doll and attach the beaded face to that.  In Gabe's pattern, in addition to teaching the beading method, she gives detailed instructions on how to felt hair for it if desired, and how to back and make the beaded face into a doll pin...and only have generalized guides on how to make it the head of a doll.