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Yoyo Mama

This pattern makes an 11" doll with legs made of wire paper mache and paper clay. (can also be constructed with cotton.)  The body is made of stuffed yoyos and her arms are made of wire.

This doll can be made by beginners and is also fun for advanced doll makers to embellish like crazy!

$8.00 including shipping
by elinor peace bailey

A brand new pattern
The doll that tells it all. This 20" doll features a skirt made of heavy weight interfacing, which creates panels for you to journal on or add photos, etc. This will give you a chance to expieriment with the heavy weight interfacing.

$10.00 (includes shipping)

Mad Maddie and a Shoe
by elinor peace bailey

This pattern lets you create a 20" fully jointed doll.  The doll's foot has 3 darts in it.
There is also a pattern for a 7" high heel shoe included for you to have some fun embellishing!

$8.00 including shipping

Zaftig Pin
4.50 ppd US #epb07
Nude's Flash!  I've seen this in Austin and fell in love with this pattern!  It's a needle/sewing caddy/holder.  It's wonderfully funny and looks pretty simple to make.  #epb30     10.00  Add to Cart
Out of stock
The Pullet Surprise Book by epb
Price $16.50 ppd in the U.S.

Includes 20 chicken patterns and a flamingo!
Kitschy Women by epb  NEW PATTERN

Price $8.00 ppd in the U.S.
4.50 ppd US #epb08
by Orinda Spence

Evalyn Isabel
7.50 ppd US #epb01

Gladys and her glorious Accessories
10.00 ppd US #epb06

Hazel Quackenbush

#epb42  10.00 ppd
10.00 ppd US #epb04

Doll Making Basics DVD set

elinor crams everything she knows about 30 years of dollmaking into this 2 disc set with 2 1/2 hours of instruction and information.  She covers everything from tools needed to fabric selection to construction and face painting!

$32.00 (includes shipping)
out of stock

How Many Angels Can Dance?
17.00 ppd US #epb10
Booklet, lots of patterns!
Chairitable Affair
17.00 ppd US #epb11
Booklet, lots of patterns!
Pick Pockets Wearables
17.00 ppd US #epb12
Booklet, 20 patterns
Put ons Booklet
17.00 ppd US #epb13
Nice booklet, lots of patterns
Nurse Nasty/Truck Stop Tess 10.00 ppd US
#epb 14
Baroque Angel
7.50 ppd US #epb15
7.50 ppd US #epb16
Mihitabel Dell
7.50 ppd US #epb17
Modern Woman
7.50 ppd US #epb19
Out of Stock
Yobo Clown
7.50 ppd US #epb20
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