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elinor has done it again, a cutie pie pattern with a great colored picture on the front. Yay!

This is Maggie Goes Shopping .  She uses 100% cotton for the body--1 fat quarter plus 1/8 yd for each leg and each arm (because they're all different fabrics!)

Price only $10.00 ppd in the U.S.

by elinor peace baily

This is a wonderful project to create a 20" doll that is a book of pockets...and the flat dolls to go in them!

$10.50 with shipping

and.....Silver Wing by epb - wow!  Brand new again by elinor and I LOVE this one too!  This uses 1/2 yd for flesh (consider hand dyed, moldeled fabric, or some other exotic, "Please", she asks, "no muslin colored fabric for my magical self." ha! (I've noticed myself getting the "icky" feeling when seeing a doll that is not flesh colored,,but very light and "pale" - so I'm moving toward anything but muslin colored as well...dolls need color!)

Price only $8.25 ppd in the U.S. and Canada  Add to Cart
7.50 ppd US #epb21

Isaac Elf and Lilly Loo Latrine
7.50 ppd US  #epb22
Zelda Gypsy
7.50 ppd US #epb23
Santa and the Chicken
7.50 ppd US #epb24
Tiny Tudes by Orinda Spence
7.50 ppd US #epb26
Haute Couture
7.50 ppd US #epb27

Angel and the Alligator
7.50 ppd US #epb 28

Fairy, Mermaid and Angel: pattern adaptations from epb's "Cupid" by Audrey Lary
7.50 PPD US
7.50 ppd US #epb29

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