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epb Page 3
epb Page 3
Brand new from ebp - Angel, Keeper of Memories
Price is $7.50 ppd  Add to Cart
Queen Maureen
7.50 PPD in U.S.
Let's Face It Book  #epb34
17.00 PPD in U.S.
Percy Goodfellow, a 44" clown with wired body
#epb37  $7.50 ppd in the US
Fadora and her Kite
includes Mini Fadora and Tote bag.
Fadora is 21"
Mini Fadora 7"
Tote 24"
#epb39  $7.50 ppd in the US

Big Fat Hairy Deal, a wonderful book on doing hair for dolls, by 3 ladies.
#epb33  7.50 PPD in U.S.
Noah, Grace and the Ark Bag
#epb41   7.50 ppd in the US
Eunice, Phyllis and Ursula-- does NOT have a colored picture on the cover-please refer here for photo.
#epb36 7.50 ppd in the US
Nicey Jane Cullipher, Travel Doll. 10 1/2"
#epb38 $7.50 ppd in the US
Mini Pierrot and Victorian Dolls
Two 10 1/2" dolls
#epb40  $7.50 ppd in the US