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Kate Erbach

Celestial Trio
by Kate Erbach and Sherry Goshon

Here is a great collaboration!  Sherry sculpted the face for the face mold and Kate designed the pattern.

The Sun, Moon and Stars each stand about 20" tall.  There is one face mold used for all three of the characters.  The Pattern is on CD.  The Face mold is a press mold and makes a face about 2 1/2"

The set of patterns on CD and the mold is
$32.00 including shipping!

Lady Catherine from Kate Erbach.  The Queen's Washerwoman 18" tall.  Very cute!

Price $9.00 ppd in the U.S.
The Birthday Wish - 10 1/2" of Party Fun!!  from "My Sister Kate" Kate Erbach!

Price is $8.75 ppd in the U.S.

Treasure Keeper (3 are pictured on the cover using the same pattern)
22" wall hanging doll
Price is 8.83 ppd in the U.S.
by Kate Erbach