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Claire-ellen's Mannikins, Ladykins and Kiddikins with more patterns to go with them!

claire-ellen's Mannikins 19" basic doll with choice of 2 leg positions.

Price $9.00 ppd in the U.S.

Mannikins: Add to Cart

claire-ellen's Ladykins  18" design your own attire with choices of basic of hourglass shape and seated or standing legs.  Nice!

Price $9.00 ppd in the U.S.

Ladykins: Sold Out

claire-ellens Kiddikins and their own "Scottikin" dog!  Design your own costumers for 12" boy and girl!

Price $9.00

Kiddikins : Add to Cart

For your Ladykins pattern by Claire-ellen!!!  Ladykin's Couture Gown inspired by 1880's LaMode Illustree with elaborate Polonaise.
$8.95 POSTPAID in the U.S.
Claire-ellens patterns are beautiful!
NEWNEWNEWNEW+++++++++++...for her Ladykins, Mannikins and Kiddikins patterns..this is Accroutment by claire-ellen!  Full of patterns - for each of your "kins" dolls!  Price is only $16.00 ppd for ALL of the patterns in this one envelope! wow!  Add to Cart

Man's suit in the Accoutrement pattern, ladies is the 1869 "add on" pattern for Ladykins!  The Kiddikins patterns (clothing) is also in the Accoutrement pattern! WOW!

Suit of Lights, Complete Matador Costume for the Mannikins. Beading instructions, Montero(hat) and Capote(cape).  The pattern also includes a Guide for adding a Handsome Spaniard's face to the Mannikin and the Hairline, too
making him more appropriate for the Toreador. by claire-ellen
Price $11.00 ppd in the U.S.   Add to Cart