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Forest Hollow Studios
by Forest Hollow Studios

This pattern was used for the GALA doll conference class in May of 2010.  Mary Kochevar designed it and it makes a 15" stump doll.  As you can see in the picture it comes with the patterns to make 5 different styles of clothes!

$13.50 includes shipping in USA
The Showcase Doll
By Forest Hollow Studios

Here is a great wall doll for showcasing your fabric embellishments!  Galleria is designed to be a canvas to showcase your needlework and artwork. Whether it's quilting, embroidery, stamping, beading, or any other type of surface embellishment, this doll will work for you. The doll itself is 21 inches tall, is simple to make, and has a flat dimension so it can be hung on the wall to showcase your work. Her gown comes in 3 lenghts with pants for the shorter skirts. This doll is your license to be as creative as you can be!!!

$9.50 with shipping in US & Canada
Sultry Sadie by Forest Hollow Studio $9.50 ppd in the U.S.  Add to Cart
Bob Boomer by Forest Hollow Studio
$8.50 ppd in the U.S.  Add to Cart
Santa's Secret (on a 2 liter bottle!)
$11.00 ppd in the U.S. You sculpt the face yourself with polymer clay

The Oracle - this is a ONE PIECE BODY - shown to the right  Price $9.00 ppd in the U.S.