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Dinky Baby  by Vicki Riley

Dinky Baby
Emmett the Elf
By Dinky Baby

This pattern makes a wonderful 22" elf.  He will sit nicely.  The pattern is paper but the instructions are a PDF on CD.  (The pattern for the chair is not included.)

A great Christmas project that can be enjoyed for years to come!

$13.50 includes shipping in USA
Lil Punkin Head
By Dinky Baby

This pattern makes a 9" doll (seated) the pattern, on paper with instructions in PDF format on CD, also includes the extra pumpkin pattern.  A fun Holiday project!

Also included is a face template.

$13.50 includes shipping in USA
by Dinky Baby

She stands 17" on toe wearing felt ballet slippers tied up with ribbons. Her white legs look as though she is wearing white tights and her bottom is covered in ruffles. Her tutu is made of felt on the top and lots of netting for the skirt. Trimmed in ribbons and lace she is sure to please that little dancer in your life. Very little sculpting is required for this doll, just her face and her arms. Instructions for hair and detailed eyes are included.


Dinky Baby Doll 14"
by Dinky Baby

Here is a larger size of the classic Dinky Baby pattern.  This one is 14" and wears a 3-6 month onsie.  You can also purchase newborn booties and diapers that will fit.

Penelope P. Piggins
by Dinky baby

This pattern makes a 12" piggie diva doll.  The doll is button jointed and the directions are on CD.  There is a paper pattern and a template for the face included along with the pattern for the apron.  Very cute!!

$13.00 includes shipping in USA
Out of Stock
Lil' Beth
by Dinky Baby

This cloth doll stands 19 inches tall. She is a soft sculptured doll and is just as sweet as can be. This cloth doll has small detailed eyes and a head full of yarn pigtails make her look real enough to need a car seat. Take this little soft sculpted doll shopping for a wardrobe at a local thrift store and she will be one happy baby. When completed, this soft-sculptured doll can wear size 3-9 month clothes.

by Dinky Baby

This pattern makes a 20" baby fairy doll.  The pattern calls for craft velour and uses 20 gauge wire in the wings.  The wings are removable.

Pattern is on paper but the instructions are on a CD.

$12.00 including shipping
Danny G
by Dinky Baby

This is a 17" monkey doll that wears size 0-6 month onsies and a newborn size diaper.  His eyes are embroidered.  He has a little pot belly and great monkey feet!  The pattern is on paper and the instructions are on CD.

$12.00 including shipping
Original Dinky Baby
by Vicki Riley

She is a great little doll to make and is only 8" tall.  She comes with instructions to make a little hat, diaper and how to crochet the booties she is wearing.  Pattern is on paper and CD.

$13.00 including shipping
Addison: the All American Girl
by Vicki Rily of DinkyBaby

She is 18 inches tall and fully detailed. She has the same dimensions as the American Girl doll and other commercial 18" dolls, and can wear all their clothes and shoes.

She has two different hair types, fur or yarn pig tails. She has a cute little button nose and hand embroidered eyes that you can make so easily.

  She comes with the pattern to make the dress she is wearing and the panties. This pattern is on paper and the instructions are on a CD in a pdf format. Lots of color photos to help you make this doll.

$13.00 including shipping

MeeKee Babee
by Vicki Riley of Dinky Baby

This doll is made entirely from Minky Chinelle, except for her head. What a creative use for Minky Chinelle. You can make this super soft doll from less then 1/3 yard of fabric. What could be easier? This doll is completely washable.    If you like, you can add all kinds of lace and embellishments and turn it into a collectable doll. today. Pattern is on paper and comes with 2 differnt hat styles.  Hat can be sewn to the dolls head or be completely removable.

(visit to purchase Minky Chenillle)

$13.00 including shipping
Shabby Bunny Babies
by Viki Riley of DinkyBaby

Theses little bunnies are quick and easy to make. The only sculpting is the head. Because these bunnies are string jointed they can sit or stand. Each bunny stands about 4 inches tall. Two different ear styles give you lots of variation. Loads of ideas for decorating your bunnies are included in this one pattern.

Pattern is on paper and the instructions are on a CD containing lots of colorful pictures to help make your bunnies. These bunnies can be made from felt, chenille or blanket fleece.  

$13.00 including shipping