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Keelings Klever Kreations

Here they are, the Wrist Resters! (© Keelings Krafts)   Rest your wrist on these wonderful dolls and it WILL relieve a lot of symptoms as I've had a pad under my wrist and it has helped my wrist/arm tremendously, I'm sure these look MUCH better than my rester!

You get all three patterns and the dolls are about 12" long when completed.
$15.00 ppd in the U.S.
                 Internet Ida
Approximate sizes 16" & 10"
"Ida" just 'loves her computer. With a quick click she is 'ready-e-set-e-go with her wide eyed web stare & "frozen" position ready for hours of Internet fun. She finds she is able to leave the dirty dishes in the sink, beds unmade, dust in corners and sometimes she almost forgets to pick up the kids from school. She is perfect to sit on your computer. The small size will sit on the top of your computer screen. Such fun as a computer Fairy. You won't want to miss making this darling pattern. Both sizes are included in the pattern.
Price 10.50 ppd in the US  
Okay, the Keelings did it with this one...this guy caught my eye at Quilt Festival (Houston) this past fall..he's my favorite pattern they've created..what a darling guy!! 14" SEATED (approx.)

Price: $12.00 ppd in the U.S.
Love this guy!  This is the "Skateboarder" from Keelings Klever Kreations!


$10.00 ppd in the U.S.
The Body Shop by Klever Keeling Kreation/Doug and Barb Keeling

Pattern includes: Several body shapes, thin body, plump body, shapely body, bent legs and arms, straight legs and arms, mitten hand with sewn fingers, no fingers and hand with separate fingers, mermaid tail, legs that include shoe pattern and four different head shape templates.  The faces can be done with their face rubber stamps (also sold on this site under Keelings Klever Kreations)

Price is $9.80 ppd in the U.S.

From the Keelings - The Two of Us Tillie & Tom
Price $9.50 ppd in the U.S.
Really Nice Chair
12" Wide, 12" Tall and 8" deep.  Perfect for your dolls display!
Price: 10.50 ppd in the US  KEELING07


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There are different face design stamps.
 Each one comes in its own package.
The kit includes: a face design rubber
stamp, instructions for using the stamp,
listing of supplies you can use for stamping,
shading & painting the face,
how to use the stamp for doll faces,
color illustration for shading the faces,
ideas for using the stamps and color
photo of the finished face.
We have also included four
different head/face shape
templates to give a variety of
head shapes. Often times pancake
doll heads are only round or oval
 shapes. We have given you
some great unusual shapes to add
 much more interest and fun to
 your dolls. Check out the
delightful "chubby cheeks &
 pointy chins".

The stamps have many uses.
 Use them to make great 12"-18"
inch cloth doll faces. Pick one
 of your favorite doll body patterns
and make a unique doll. Make
 darling pins by stamping the
 face, color it, add some hair
 & a pin back. The Faces would
 make great quilt squares
designs, super decoration for
 a garment, stamp a vest,
 a jacket, do a tote bag use
 them for tole painting designs.
The ideas are endless.
Put a Face Anyplace..
Use your favorite doll body
 pattern to go with these
 great faces and heads.
They will fit dolls that are
12" to 18".
ALL Stamps ARE 9.50 PPD

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Also from the Keelings - Best Friends, Edna and Bea
Price $10.00 ppd in the U.S.  (includes colored pages of face colorings too!  Add to Cart