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Barbara Graff
Barbara Graff
Kith and Kins Miniature Mermaid pattern in 1/12 scale -- (Barbara Graff pattern)  Mermaid is 5 1/3" tall and fully posable and playable.  It does not include the fish pattern shown on the pattern cover.  Price $8.75 ppd in the U.S. and Canada  
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Mother of All Dragons or "Mom" as Barb Graff calls it.  60" long from the tip of her fiery breath to the tip of her tail.  Formidable with a mouthful of teeth and flames, she holds to her chest the reason for her protective wrath..her precious speckled egg.  She stands 18" tall, and has wired feet, wings and ears.

Price is only $10.50 ppd in the U.S.
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Fine Equinery - Carousel Horse, Univorn (or just a horse?)
Horse body stands 13" tall.  Carousel Horse to top of pole measures 18".  Leg variations are included so horse body can be standing, running, or jumping.  Mane can be quilted or made from fiber.

Very nice as well!  by Barbara Graff
$10.00 ppd in the U.S.
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Fine Equinery in Miniature! 1/12 scale Horse, Carousel Horse and Unicorn by Barbara Graff.  Very good basic pattern!

Price $10.00 ppd in the U.S.
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The Nativity by Barbara Graff
Price $14.00 postpaid in the U.S.
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Twelve miniature figures representing the characters of the scripture's telling of the birth of Jesus Christ.  Included are the infant Jesus, Mary, Joseph, three kings, a shepherd, a little shepherd boy, an angel, a camel, a donkey, and a lamb.  1/12th scale.  Fully poseable and playable.
Woman!  (pattern for body only, no clothing)  A charming, very shapely doll. Patterns are included for a woman's body in two sizes: 32" and 16". Arm and leg variations are also included so you can create a doll in any position.

Introduced is a technique called "soft-stuffing"' allowing for the unbelievable shaping! Pattern includes easy directions for hands with wired fingers, a needle-sculpted face, and curly hair made from fabric.
$13.50 ppd in the U.S.
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Kith & Kin Dollhouse Dolls are sturdy, appealing, completely posable, lovable, mischievous, unbreakable, and true 1/12 scale.  Dolls range in size from the 1 1/2" infant to the 6" man.  The pattern includes all the dolls and both sets of clothing...vinatge and contemporary.
 Price is $13.00 ppd in the U.S.
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Faerie Frolics - Miniature Faeries in three sizes.  5 1/2" man, 5" woman, 4" child.  Cloth dolls have bead joints at the shoulders and hips.

Price is 9.00 ppd in the U.S.
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Miniature Horse - 1/12 scale, posable horse sized for dollhouses.  5 1/5"  long from nose to tail, and 6 3/4" tall to the top of the ears.  The legs are jointed and bendable.

Price $9.00 ppd in the U.S.  
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