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Sherry Goshon Patterns
Sherry Goshon
by Sherry Goshon

This pattern makes an 18" doll.  This is a flat faced doll so no needlesculpting required!  You will use colored pencils to create the face.  Sherry gives you a detailed list of  the colors and where to use them.

The shoes are painted on and use a little bit of paperclay to make the sole and heel.

$11.50 includes shipping in USA
out of stock

by Sherry Goshon

This is the body pattern for a 14" doll.  You will need the face mold below to create this doll.

The body pattern includes the body and clothes and tells you how to make the hat out of a plastic cup and her shoes out of paper clay!


Agnes Face Mold
Sold out

Pattern & Face Mold
by Sherry Goshon

Here is Sherry's latest creation.  The doll is about 14" and the face mold makes a about a 2" inch  face.

Sherry names this pattern Asparas for the little winged "sky dancers" of legend that often bless people at important stages of their life...they are often seen at could make an all white!

Her hat is made with foil and you will also do some decoupage.  

Lots of fun "art" techniques in this one!

Set of face mold and pattern:
Includes shipping in the USA!!
(Canda requires additional shipping now due to the increase on postage for parcels)

Butterscotch Bunny
by Sherry Goshon

This is Butterscotch the cookie fairy!
She is 18"and her costuming a bit more detailed then her friend Jelly Bean...her wings are quilted.  Sherry also tells how to use pastels to color them...the pattern explains how to make her frosted sugar looks good enough to eat! (But don't!)

$11.50 with shipping in the US & Canada

Jelly Bean
by Sherry Goshon

Jelly Bean the Fairy of Confection.... she stands 18"
 tall and such a sweetie she is...has a flat face with instructions on how to color it with watercolor pencils....she has little pointed ears and painted leggings and is dressed in the illusion of costuming....she is perfect for all levels of dollmakers...comes with both individual finger pattern and mitts....she has needle sculpted toes and
oh my her feet are on the larger side but that only helps her stand better...
she has one little problem...every thing she touches
 turns to confections...OH MY....and of course the pattern tells the secrets of how to create her sweet treats from fabric...her wings are wired so that they can be posed.

$11.50 with shipping in the US & Canada
Libelle Face Mold
by Sherry Goshon

Here is a new press mold for a 16" to 18" doll.
Sherry used this one on her Dragonfly doll which is posted on her blog.  

The face itself is about 2 1/4 inches.

This mold will fit the Mannequin, Fern and Cinnamon patterns by Sherry also.

$22.00 with shipping in the US
out of stock
Sweet Pea
by Sherry Goshon

A huge 36"!!  What a fabulous doll!  

This doll was featured in last month's Doll Crafter magazine but if you don't subscribe and you want the pattern it is!!  This doll is all cloth...wouldn't she look fantastic in your entry hall?

Note that this pattern DOES NOT INCLUDE the puppet...that is made by Jacque Uetz and is a separate pattern.

The pattern for the large doll is $11.00 with shipping
Shaya Face Mold
by Sherry Goshon

This mold makes a face about 1 1/2"  Sherry has a free tutuorial to go with this that you can find in the free items section on this site!  It makes a wonderful little Butterfly ornament!

$21.50 with shipping in USA
Mya's Secret
by Sherry Goshon

Meet "Mya's Secret"  ...her secret is that she is an eyeglass caddy not just another pretty face!  Or she can hold other small treasures.  She is 16" tall.
The pattern has tells you how to make the cardboard eyeglass caddy...drape it with paverpol...a few new things with lots of old ones...perfect for gifts and doll/craft shows.


the glasses fit in her bodice (see below)
Elwyn Face Mold
by Sherry Goshon

I want you to meet Elwyn...he is Sherry's  new pressmold that can be used as a brooch or ornament. He measures 2 3/4" from ear to ear and 1 3/4" from top of head to bottom of chin...He comes with instructions on how to create the brooch/ornament.

However he fits the elfin free pattern from the "who am I" challenge perfectly which you can find in the free pattern area of this site!

$22.00 includes shipping in USA

Celestial Trio
by Kate Erbach and Sherry Goshon

Here is a great collaboration!  Sherry sculpted the face for the face mold and Kate designed the pattern.

The Sun, Moon and Stars each stand about 20" tall.  There is one face mold used for all three of the characters.  The Pattern is on CD.  The Face mold is a press mold and makes a face about 2 1/2"

The set of patterns on CD and the mold is
$32.00 including shipping in USA

Luna Press mold
by Sherry Goshon

Here is a new press mold from Sherry.  It makes a face for a 22" to 24" doll.  It was a special mold she used for her on-line class.  It will fit her "Blossom" doll body.

It is a closed eye mold.

$22.00 with shipping in USA included
Pop Can Rita!
by Sherry Goshon

Here is a new pattern Sherry created at my house while she was staying with me.  I have a passion for hair scruchies and had a lot of them in my stash.  I also have a passion for Diet Dr Pepper!  So Sherry..being brilliant...found a good use for both!

Here she is....she is 22" tall and her base is a weighted soda can.  Her "off the shoulder" look is from a scrunchie!  Her "dress" is the painted body material as she is a stump doll.  She has "petals" on the bottom to accent the base.

A very beautiful doll that is easy to make.  I have the original sitting here on my desk!  And its a  great way to recycle! LOL!!

$9.50 with shipping

Pinster Hastythreads
by Sherry Goshon
(face mold by Jacque Uetz)

This pattern is for a great piece to sit in your sewing room.  He is a 19" sewing caddy.  His chair is a box designed to look like a spool of thread.  His hat is a pin cushion.  He can hold scissors and thread and his vest holds needles!

So imaginative!

The price is for the pattern alone.  The face mold is the "Rosebud" mold from Jacque Uetz or the Murphy mold from Sherry Goshon and can be ordered elsewhere on this site.

Pattern alone (no face mold): $13.00
Celebration Face Mold
 by Sherry Goshon
This is a face mold only and it fits Sherry's Blossom body.  It is also the mold Sherry uses for her "Peace" class.  (The white doll shown left)

It is a beautiful 3" closed eye face.

Mold $22.00 PPD in USA
Elodie Whisper
by Sherry Goshon

What a wonderful little dragonfly elf!!!  This pattern and press mold makes a doll that is 9" high.  She has very long fingers and Sherry thinks she would look great holding an egg!  So do I.

The Mold & Pattern is $34.00
(This includes shipping in the USA)

Elf Meister
Cone Puppet
by Sherry Goshon

A great 24" puppet for you, reminiscent of the Victorian style Children's toys.

The card board cone is 12 x 5 to give you an idea of the size of the piece.  You will need to purchase the cone from a craft store.

The pattern is very simple to make up and has mitten hands..this lets you spend your time on embellishing the elf!

The face mold makes a face that is 2 1/2".  It is a great character face with wrinkles around the eyes!  But Sherry says you can use any of her molds of about the same size for different looks with this pattern.

Pattern alone $13.00 with shipping

Face Mold alone $22.00 with shipping in USA

Pattern and Mold together $34.00 with shipping in USA

by Sherry Goshon

What a fabulous doll...just 9" tall!  This pattern comes with its own face mold and it is a lovely face too!

Sherry gives you a nice body pattern that only uses 1/4 yard of material.  The body and breasts are one done in one piece for the front and one for the back, so the breasts are sewn in with darts, not applied later.

The face mold makes a face  about 1 1/2"

Pattern and mold $21.50

Note: This pattern is similar to Sherry's Ayala gypsy pattern so if you already own that pattern you can adjust the face instructions for the sugar skull mold.

(This project is probably not for beginners as it is assumed you have worked with clay heads before)
Celebrate Day of the Dead
by Sherry Goshon

She is the perfect way to celebrate...she is a 32" doll with fashion figure...she has articulated fingers...and needle sculpted breasts...what fun to play with fabrics...Sherry made her legs out of striped fabric so she appears to have on stockings...she has on wild butterfly slip for that bit of naughty....wonderful  DOD fabric for her dress and an over skirt of crushed velvet....she has a crushed velvet head wrap with lots of flowers for the festive touch...and her waist sash matches her stocking and embellished with more flowers...and notice the tattoo on her chest.. it's a rose applique...
What will you come up with for your doll?

Note that this pattern is for the body and clothes only.  The skull is made from the mold listed in the Day of the Dead section and is not designed by Sherry.  It is a classic sugar mold for making Day of the Dead sugar skulls.  But now we have a whole new use for it!

$21.00 (body and clothes only, no skull)

A pattern and Pressmold
by Sherry Goshon

Joy is a 12" ornament doll built around a 3 1/2" papermache egg.

Sherry puts a lot of techniques in this one!!

The face mold makes a face about 2" long.

Perfect for all the ornament exchanges coming up!  You know you are going to have to make them!! LOL!

$21.50 including shipping in USA!!
(Pattern and face mold)

Victoria Rabbit Pattern CD
By Sherry Goshon

 On CD.  There are great step by step instructions as this was an on-line class!!

The rabbit is 24" when completed. Instructions and pattern for costuming and body included.

$26.00 PPD (Pattern only, face mold sold below)

Victoria Rabbit Face Mold
By Sherry Goshon

This face mold is for a 24" Rabbit Doll.  The mold comes with a pattern for the ears and instructions for covering the face with cloth.  

The face mold also comes with a smaller mold for the paw pads!

Rabbit Mold
$27.00 PPD

 Jess and L'il Doll
by Sherry Goshon

You are going to love her!!
Sherry did the sample up as an elf and sculpted ears to go with her. She is 16" and comes with a little rag doll pattern as well. The body pattern has 2 hand styles, individual fingers for intermediate to advanced doll makers and a mitt hand so a beginner can use this pattern too.

The Jess Face Mold is $21.00 PPD in USA
The Jess Body Pattern is $13.00 PPD in USA
The Mold and pattern together are specially priced at $32.50

by Sherry Goshon

This little guy is just 5" tall.

The pattern is for the body and clothes only.  
The face is from Jean Bernard's press mold "Britt"

$13.00 PPD
By Sherry Gohson

Cinnamon uses the Mother Face Mold by Jean Bernard and you will find it in Jean's section on this site.

This body and clothes pattern is 16" high and has techniques for needle sculpting breasts and also some decopauge and apoxie sculpt techniques.

$13.00 for pattern only

You will need to order the face mold seperately
by Sherry Goshon

This pattern uses the Murphy Pressmold shown below.  Isn't it amazing what different looks you can get with the same mold?!!!

Charra is 16" high and the pattern indlues her body and clothes.  You will need the mold for the face.  

Pattern alone is $13.00 including shipping
out of stock

Murphy mold by itself is sold below

Murphy is a fun clown and is 24"
Price for pattern:  $13.00 ppd in the U.S. or Canada  

Murphy MOLD ALONE Face is 3 1/2"
$22.00 ppd in the U.S.

$33.00 ppd in the U.S.

Sherry Goshon's Sadie,
a wonderful small sad eyed 2" mold!
This is just so adorable. There are many different looks for this face and doll. Sherry has a done a sample in metallics for you art doll fans and a more classic paint sample for your demure dolls! Sadie comes with a wall doll body pattern to make a doll 13" high. The face mold will also fit Sherry's Fern doll pattern.

This mold will also fit the wooden artist mannequins.

Mold and pattern
$21.00 PPD in USA

Sherry Goshon's Willow pattern and mold!

18" long

Pattern $12.99 ppd in the U.S. and Canada Add to Cart

Mold ONLY for a 3" face $22.00 ppd in the U.S. Add to Cart

Pattern WITH mold $33.50 ppd in the U.S. Add to Cart

Alternate Face mold that fits this pattern:  Jade
Alternate Face Mold
Jade by Sherry
Mold Alone for a 4" face $27.00
Out of stock

This mold also fits the Day of the Dead doll pattern.

Aayla by Sherry Goshon and Jacque Uetz
Pattern Alone $21.00 postpaid in the U.S.  Add to Cart

Mold Alone for a 4" face $27.00 postpaid in the U.S.Add to Cart
Out if stock

Aayla, as the Gypsy Queen!
  This is another body and clothes pattern for the mold above.  

Body and clothes pattern only, 32" tall

Price 21.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada  Add to Cart