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Becky Holloway Page 2
Herr Drosselmeier by Becky Holloway.   For reference, his arm is almost 10" long (that includes the hand)
Price $13.00 ppd in the U.S.
Ode to Autumn 15" soft sculpture Autumn Faery $13 ppd
Ode to Autumn close-up
All Through the House Snowman Stocking  24" stocking
$13 ppd
Amy  22" Skating Doll  $13.00 ppd
Beauregard 20" Rooster $13.00 ppd
Bebe' - clay face, includes instructions to make it yourself.  $13 ppd 18"
Beneath the Frosted Pines 20" painted muslin Santa and Moose Companion (the moose pattern is HUGE!) $13 ppd Add to Cart
Blue Lily  42" Japanese Girl $13 ppd
Bohemian Garden 28" Spring Garden Doll  Add to Cart $13 ppd
Oh Christmas Tree 15" Angel Tree Topper  Add to Cart  $13 ppd
Ivy 16" seated faery Add to Cart
$13 ppd
Elvira 18" Bewitching Witch
Add to Cart $13 ppd
Fleur Amore Painted Fabric Faery on 9" x 20" Backboard Add to Cart
Mme Goose 32" (yes, 32 inches!) soft sculpture Mother Goose
Add to Cart $13 ppd
Midnight Medwyth 24" Weather Witch
Add to Cart $13 ppd
Pumpkin Hollow  22" Candy Container Witch  Add to Cart $13 ppd
Pierrot 20" seated White Face Clown
Add to Cart $13 ppd
Twinkle 18"  Add to Cart $13 ppd
Spell of Elspeth 26" Witch and Cat $13 ppd
Rustica Santa $13 PPD
Starry Starry Night  Add to Cart
$13 ppd
Vignette Noel Shadow Box
Add to Cart $13 ppd
Periwinkle #BH11

20" faery doll with acrylic painted muslin face and body.  Beginner level needle sculpting technique on face with bead eyes.  Hands with detached thumbs.  Dyed jute twine hair.  Wired, acrylic painted muslin wings.  Beginner costuming in silks, satins, over dyed and wired silk ribbon.  Detachable metallic gauze slippers.

13.00 PPD US  

In Christmas Wood is a 50" Nutcracker (yes, 50 inches!)
Add to Cart $13 ppd