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Billie Heisler

Lovelorn Lena & Her Frog Prince
By Billie Heisler

This pattern makes a 20" doll..and her hat adds another 3"!  The frog Prince is 3" tall in his crown.  This is so adorable!!

Billie includes lots of instructions and a printed face outline on muslin.  

Though this is a printed pattern there are 49 (!) color photos in it and 29 line drawings...this is a very well done pattern.  

The little frog has applied legs and even cloth eyelids!

Billie also invented two whimsical spells for you to write on parchment to add to the look!


including shipping in the US & Canada

Twinkles & Jingles
Bear Rider!
by Billie Heisler

Oh my...isn't this a handsome pair!  The bear and doll stand 13" high.

There are lots of color photos throughout the pattern.

The pattern includes instructions for both the bear and the rider.

$10.00 including shipping
Billie Heisler's 12" Flitter and 8" Flutter.  Butterfly Girls & Lily Pads

There are 2 types of dolls.  8" Flutter has a simple flat face and her clothing is made of ribbon.  12" Flitter has a sculpted nose and wears a fabric skirt and has sleeves.  Directions for the yarn curls are included.  The small lily fits inside the larger one for a full bloom.  This pattern has plenty of drawings and pictures in the directions.  Billie does her patterns RIGHT -- exactly as I say a pattern artist should do - I'm so proud of her!

$8.00 ppd in the U.S.
Billie Heisler's Tansy & Thistle, 9"  Bird Riders.  Tansy and Thislte have needle sculpted noses and painted faces.  Their hair is a scrap of fake fur.  Their legs are cut so they stay in a bent position.  Tansy is the girl and Thistle is the boy.  They are dressed in cotton fabrics and felt.  Embellishments include beads, charms, and pearl cotton thread.  The birds are made from the same pattern.  Their wing span is 15".  the tail and wings have wire in them.

$8.00 ppd in the U.S.

fFrom Billie Heisler, Dragonfly Riders!
The larger doll, Rose, when sitting is 6" tall. The smaller doll, Petal, when sitting is 5" tall. The dragonfly has a 14" wingspan and is 9" long. It's body and wings have wire in them. Rose and Petal have needle sculpted noses and painted faces. Their legs are cut so that they stay in a bent position. They are both dressed in rose petals and fabrics.

The pattern has plenty of hints to help you make your dolls.

Price $8.00 postpaid in the U.S., Canada or Mexico  Add to Cart

12" Aurora and Serena with Cloth Seashells from Billie Heisler

The brunette mermaid has wavy wool for her hair. The blonde has mini acrylic curls. There are patterns for the clam shell and the scallop shell, too.  Price $7.80 ppd in the U.S.
Gemma and Pearl, Seahorse Riders - 10" .  Price only $7.80 ppd in the U.S. and Canada