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Deanna Hogan

Under the Harvest Moon
by Deanna Hogan

She stands 21-23 inches tall. She has a trapunto style face with minimal needle sculpting. Her facial features are acrylic paint and colored pencil. Her hair is fringed upholstery trim. Her clothing is removable and consists of pantaloons, skirt, bodice and shoes. She has button jointed shoulders and hips, and hinge joints at the elbows and knees.

This pattern was featured in the Sept Issue of Doll Crafter & Costuming but Deanna has now released  this unabridged version...which includes templates and instructions for make two styles of ears as well as a Tibetan lamb wig not included in the magazine pattern. There is a full-page color insert illustrating  face coloring techniques.

This is the pattern Deanna used for her Hoffman Challenge Doll!
$16.00 including shipping!

by Deanna Hogan

This pattern contains the info for dolls of two sizes...22" and 18".  There are 16 pages
of instructions and illustrations, and 11 pages of pattern pieces/templates. There's also a
colored half page with some face painting detail.

Deanna calls for woven fabrics for this doll.  

The arms and legs are painted with a mixture of acrylic gel medium and modeling paste. The heels of the boots are molded with paper clay.

$16.00 with shipping in the US & Canada

Viola Ruth
by Deanna Hogan

Here is brand new pattern from Deanna made in the style of the vintage Alabama Baby dolls.  Deanna's version comes with a press mold for the face and instructions for the cloth over clay face technique.

 This is a very thorough pattern and black & white photos of the step by step process of making the clay head and covering it with cloth are included in the pattern.

The finished doll stands about 17".  The clothing is removable.

Pattern and mold $39.00
(this includes shipping)

Out of Stock

Old World Santa
by Deanna Hogan

15-inch Santa with a needle sculpted face and wired fingers.   Button-jointed shoulders.  Hair can be natural locks (needle- felted in place), looped chenille upholstery trim (glued or sewn), etc.

Stands alone.

Instructions and pattern includes doll, reversible cape, short or long tunic, trousers, medallion template, staff
instructions, goodie bag.

$13.50 with shipping

Tavia by Deanna Hogan.  18019" needle-sculpted cloth doll.  Intermediate skill level recommended.  Shown to the left in different colors!
Price $10.85 postpaid in the U.S., Canada and Mexico
Cecelia by Deanna Hogan.  Minimally needle-sculpted face, removable clothing.  12" play or display doll.
Price $10.85 postpaid in the U.S., Canada and Mexico Add to Cart
Deanna Hogan's Serafina, a 15" stump doll, I love this/these!  For intermediate skill levels, optional cloth-over face technique and includes 2 hand styles and wing pattern
Price $10.60 postpaid in the U.S., Canada and Mexico Add to Cart
Fiona by Deanna Hogan -- Uses flesh-colored robe/craft velour, Doesuede or similar doll fabric.  (1/3 yard)
Price $9.50 postpaid in the U.S., Canada and Mexico

(Currently being redesigned)
Top doll made of robe / doll velour and polymer clay mask, bottom doll made from woven fabric and a trapunto cloth face.
Deanna Hogan of Blue Heron Dolls has created an absolutely STUNNING doll pattern named Averill ...also a face mold if you'd like to use one!  Averill is 19" and multi-jointed.  Intermediate Skill Level required.  The pattern includes a cloth face pattern so you do not HAVE to have a mold to create this doll from fabric!  The mold is for use with polymer (oven bake) clay.

You can use doll velour (also called robe velour), doesuede replacement fabric, woven or knit fabrics

Price for PATTERN ALONE is $13.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada

Price for MOLD ALONE is $22.00

Price for PATTERN AND MOLD is $32.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada