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Marilyn Halcomb
Marilyn Halcomb

The Berry Bandit
by Marilyn Halcomb

This berry stealing pixie is 18" tall.
Isn't he a Cutie??

$17.00 PPD
Grandma's Flying Lessons - $15.00 postpaid to the U.S., Canada and Mexico  .  Grandma is 12.5"   

Lichen by Marilyn Halcomb is a wee character only 8" tall!  Full instructions for painting and stamping fabric for suit and a BONUS!  The pattern incdlues a mini-felting lesson.

Price $17.00 ppd in the U.S.
Another "Real Character" cloth doll by Marilyn.  This is Jack the Jovial Jester and Mardi Marotte--Girl Tuesday!  
Jack stands about 20" tall not counting his hat.  Mardi is about 10" tall with stick.  
Wonderful pattern, wonderful artist!

Price $17.00 ppd in the U.S.  #MH10
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Meet Wally!  (man pattern)

Wally is the Woodchopping Champ!

16" tall and full of personality.  

Uses a fat quarter of body fabric to make him, so perfect!  you can use cotton, 2 way stretch fabric or lycra (which is what Wally is made of in the photo)

17.00 ppd in the US  #MH08

Here's Precious!

Cute little Dragon that he is, or is it a SHE? Hmm
15.00 PPD US

Moonlighting! 17.00 PPD #MH02

This is a funny pattern that says "By day, the mall is where she'll be for shopping is her cup of tea!  Great bargains lurk in every store; she's loaded down with bags galore!  By evening,,,,it's a different tale!  She's earning cash for next day's sales; Posing for the Life Drawing Class, she can rest her weary feet at last!  Great pattern, large format.  Full instructions to make the 15" doll, dress, french knickers, bra, petticoat, handbag, shopping bags, as well as the chaise lounge on which she poses.

Vintage Vera, the Grape Goddess

Don't you love this doll?  Check out those feet, purple!  She's having a good time with those grapes for sure.  Vera looks to be about 17" tall.
MH03  $17.00