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There is lots to see!

Julie McCullough
Julie McCullough
Jack Flash
by Julie McCullough

This pattern makes an 16" jester.  You can use a tissue box for the base!  
This is a great pattern to have fun with and provides a lot of opportunity to create.

$11.00 includes shipping in USA
Mad Hatter
by Julie McCullough

Julie's newest design...this one is 23" tall.  He has needle sculpted features and stuffed cotton hair!  Love the tea cup top hat!!

You'll need to provide your own teapot for him to hold....the Mary Englebreit miniature ones work great.

including shipping in the USA

Oh Tannenbaum
by Magic Threads/Julie McCullough

Back by popular demand.  This patterns makes a tree doll that is 23" high.  Julie used 10 different cotton prints for the tips of the trees.  The opportunities for embellishments are endless!

$11.00 includes shipping in USA
Magic Dragon
by Julie McCullough

This pattern makes a 15" soft sculpt dragon.  
You will need non-stretch robe Velour, velveteen or corduroy for the body.

$11.00 includes shipping in USA

Bird of Paradise
by Julie McCullough

A wonderful pattern that includes the elf rider!

The bird is about 18" and the rider is 6"

Julie says its a pretty easy pattern but you get great results!

Use patterned cottons to really get that "wow" look!

including shipping in the USA
out of stock

By Julie McCullough

Here is a wonderful pattern...this one has two styles of arms and two different hairdo!  You can pose her in the air or on a chair or stool.  The doll is 18"

$10.00 with shipping in US & Canada
by Julie McCullough

Julie has created a pattern for 11" dolls.  This pattern includes the template for the fabric hair, a hat, clothes and it does include a slipper style shoe...or you can purchase shoes for the 18" style dolls (like the black and white ones in the picture)

$10.00 with shipping

by Julie McCullough

This pattern is for an 18" flower fairy.  You can make her with our without wings.  She can be a fairy or a Christmas decoration or both!
Her skirt is made from silk flower petals.

$9.00 with shipping
23" Santa Magic by Julie McCullough $8.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada  Add to Cart

24" Material Girl & Fainting Couch - Easy to make, hard to ignore! She can be dressed up in many ways.  This is a great beginner doll that looks far more complex than she really is.  Her face is needle sculpted in an Art Deco style.  Her dress and hat are embellished with wire ribbon.  Directions are included for her fainting couch made from upholstery fabrics and trims.  Very easy projects.

other two doll patterns not included.

 Price $8 ppd in the U.S.  Add to Cart
Julie McCullough's Glitterbug pattern

Price is $8.50 ppd in the U.S.
Sewphie the Stitcher by Julie McCullough - 30" cloth doll pattern

Price $8.50 ppd in the U.S.

Holly May is a 21" cloth doll pattern BRAND NEW by Julie McCullough
$8.00 ppd in the U.S.
24" cloth doll patterns,,,BRAND NEW also by Julie McCullough,,NOW IN STOCK!
$8.00 ppd in the U.S.
Tripod by Julie McCullough.  15" cloth doll.  This triangular doll is a wild, wacky, wonderful character to lift your spirits and give a little giggle.
Price $8.00 ppd in the U.S.
This is an stunning 26" doll with lots of techniques. She can be made in velvet or cotton fabrics. She has a needle sculpted face, eyelids and eyelashes, wired fingers, jointed elbows, elaborate headdress and wonderful tulle embellishments. Sure to be a family heirloom. Recommended Notions: 9mm blue or green cat eyes.

8.00 ppd in the US   


The ideal companion to the African Queen doll, this 23" regal gentleman is made on a dowel base using fabulous African or batik prints and embellishments. Recommended Notions: 6mm brown eyes.


8.00 ppd in the US   

African Queen
(African American doll)
22" cloth doll pattern.  This doll is designed to be built on a wood base with a dowel support.  Alternative directions are given in case you do not have access to these materials.


8.00 PPD in U.S.

Mildred and the Professor
(old lady and old man doll patterns)
5 1/2 foot tall cloth doll patterns.  A pair of life size dolls that are a hoot to make and even more fun to live with!  Dress them in your cast off clothes or stunning outfits from the thrift store.
10.00 PPD US

Fairy Houses 22" Doll House Pattern

These houses are perfect for those little fairies you have around that need a home.

8.00 PPD US


Pearl Diver 18" Cloth Doll Pattern

I wish my scan would have come out clearer on this one, it is a beautiful doll for sure.  I've seen Julie's at the Houston Quilt Festival in '99 and it is just gorgeous in person as well.

8.00 PPD US

Check out Garth! an 18" precious Gargoyle!

Garth is made from velour or double knit with metallic accents.  He is needle sculptured for a highly individual look.  This guardian spirit will protect home and hearth. Dragon

8.00 PPD  US


Note:  This pattern has been discontinued:  Just a few left!
Fisherman 16"
$8.00 ppd

Frog Suit
20" frog man with a bean bag body
that is fun to pose!
$8.00 ppd

Victorian Angel Ornament
6" ornament with quilted wings and hair.
$8.00 ppd

Wood Nymph
Versatile pattern for a 22" fairy or
ballerina with jointed knees and elbows.
$8.00 ppd

Cherry Blossom

This is one of Julie's most recent patterns.  Unique, isn't it?
8.00 PPD

Pin Parts
Mix and Match items in this pattern to get your own unique pin or ornament!
8.00 PPD