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There is lots to see!
Rhonda McGinnity of Australia
Rhonda McGinnity

Sachikio Japemo
by Rhonda McGinnity

Oh my!  Rhonda has done it again with another creative pattern idea!  Here is your very own Japanese toy style doll!  Perfect for the
japan-a-mation fan in your family!

Sachiko means Bliss Child...she is 9" tall and carries her own little doll under her arm.  She has various arm and head patterns so you can mix and match.

$16.50 with shipping in the US & Canada

Sweet Escape
by Rhonda McGinnity

Dreaming of a vacation?  This doll is!  Sweet Escape is a meditation doll whose head morphs into a chocolate cake, then into a tropical island holiday complete with palm trees, hammock and an imagined self, completely relaxed and tanned.
It sits 46cm (18) tall to top of cake and the trees extend above that another 30cm (12). Bottom half can be made up as a doorstop and separate doll in hammock is 20cm (8) long.


$16.50 with shipping in the US & Canada

Coral Atoll
by Rhonda McGinnity

This cloth character doll is 27" tall and features a wire body armature and stable platform base.  She has a needle sculpted face and the pattern for her fish friend is included.

Rhonda says this little coral island atoll may be completely underwater soon as the fish are already jumping over her head!!  She suggests you might want to make her legs longer if you want to give our island girl a bit more "Above the water line" time!  LOL.

$17.00 includes shipping

by Rhonda McGinnity

Here is another great character from Rhonda!  This gargoyle girl is 21" tall.  

Rhonda writes "If the darling butterfly/fairy child in your life has turned to the dark side and now only wears black to match his/her hair, nails and mood...then it might be time to feed the fashion least this one won't bite!


The pattern also includes leg, head and wing variations from the pattern cover design.  Her eyes are inset fabric.

$17.00 including shipping

with her pet fish Angel
by Rhonda McGinnity

A 36" cloth character doll with jointed arms, wired body and webbed fingers!

(includes shipping)

Oh My God!
by Rhonda McGinnity

This mermaid has been caught by her hair!

OMG is 18" and comes with the pattern for the "hand" that has caught her.  Great to hang from your ceiling!!

$17.00 PPD
(includes shipping)

Angelita large version is 15" and is a wall doll.  Angelita small version is a 10" version of the large.  Both feature needle sculpted faces and free machine embroidery body overlay and wings.  Ideal for Christmas, but not too Christmassy to have hanging around all year round.  Simple construction and fun to make.
Price $10.50 ppd in the U.S.
Chocolate Box Pictures
At last a project which requires you to eat quantities of chocolates with fabulous wrappers.  We have all waited so long for this!  This pattern will enable you to create five three dimensional pictures suitable for framing, using bits of cloth doll bodies, free machine embroidery with chocolate wrappers and trapunto work.
Oh what fun!
Price $10.50 ppd in the U.S.
Lilli Pilli and the wee Myrtles
by Rhonda McGinnity
Lilli Pilli stands 15" tall or is 10" tall when seated.  This character features needle sculpted face, wire armature and poseable fingers.  The standing version has sculpted bottom and looks good with or without pants!  The wee Myrtles are 5 1/2" tall and also have a needle sculpted face and flit about with their little wings.
Price is $10.50 ppd in the U.S.
Welcome to Rhonda's patterns ----Lissadee!  22" cloth character doll.  she features fully jointed body and limbs, wire armature, poseable fingers.  Her hat and shoes are included in the pattern and instructions and ideas for machine embroidery are given.  She may be a little up market to be a "Woodstock" type hippy so perhaps it was her parents that were there.  If you say her name quickly you can hear echoes of the era.  As far as her clothing - "everything old is new again" they say.  So get in the groove man...Lissadee is a happening chick and if you want her to chill at your pad, then check out this list of all the good gear you need, kick start the ol' machine and take it for a rumble. FAR OUT!  (words of Rhonda's pattern, how cute!)
Price is $12.50 ppd in the U.S.
This is one gorgeous doll.  Hannani is 18" tall and full of beadwork, her lips, wrist/hand beading, ankle beading, she wears false eyelashes and has MORE beading all over her.  A wonderful addition to your pattern collection and hopefully to make!  This pattern also comes with a FREE pin doll pattern Hanni, a small version of Hannani.
12.50 PPD US Add to Cart
Coco Banana
20" Cloth Character Doll.  Variations include female with bodice and double flounced skirt and male with flounced skirt with circular flounces around the edge.  The body and the head are needle sculpted and the arms and legs are wired for posing.  S-he is a Mardi Gras lovely who is gorgeous enough to grace the head float in the parade and dance the night away in the hottest review in town.  You may have to make a Chorus Line!
12.50 PPD US Add to Cart

Bruno!  man pattern
19" tall cloth doll full of muscles!
12.50 PPD US  Add to Cart
Mirella and Pin Doll Miranda
Mirella is 18" - 24" depending upon your stuffing!  Miranda is 7"
12.50 PPD US Add to Cart
Mad Monty Pirate doll
24" cloth character doll featuring button jointed arms and legs, poseable fingers, body sculpting and a sealed section for the "full monty".  Parrot pattern also included.
12.50 PPD US #RM02 Add to Cart
Miss Truslove (African American doll)
35" (yes, 35"!) cloth doll featuring shoe and breast variations, trapunto lips, armature body and button joints.  Winner of the Threadbearz XLN 1997 Challenge!
15.50 PPD US   #RM01
Troppo Loppo (clown doll)
25" Cloth character doll featuring pull through adjustable arms and legs.  He is suitable as a child's toy, if you could ever bear to part with him.  Instructions for painted face in fabric paints or acrylics.  Trapunto work and painting on his tunic add a little extra to his charm.  Winner of the 1999 Western Dollmaker's Child Toy Category!      #RM07
12.50 PPD US  Add to Cart
Not Very Fatima belly dancer doll pattern
21" cloth character doll featuring button jointed arms and legs, poseable fingers, bra variations and trapunto lips.
12.50 PPD US    #RM09
Rhonda McGinnity's Glasses Case--Mobile Phone Case.  These little cases are so handy.  Fabulous for carrying your phone, glasses, small change, credit cards, pens, house key, around the home, in the office, out walking or partying--whatever, wherever, whenever!

Price $15.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada  Add to Cart

Madonna Fish
by Rhonda McGinnity

This charcter fish is 21" and has  needle sculpted nose and lips.  great attitude!

$17.00 PPD
(includes shipping)

Waiting for Mr. Right
by Rhonda McGinnity

A 24" doll with jointed arms and legs.  The instructions for the couch are included!

$17.00 PPD

Still Waiting for Mr Right!!
by Rhonda McGinnity

A great companion to the pattern above!  This doll is 23" and comes with the instructions for her couch and the chocolate!

$17.00 PPD

Rhonda McGinnity's The Draughtsman

These are 47" cloth character draughstopper dolls.  (draft stoppers in the U.S. right?) - Needle sculpted faces and poseable fingers.  This guy is basically a cover for a commercial draft stopper.  He does look fabulous hanging around -- either on the floor, on the wall when not in use or if you have an entire mantle shelf to fill, he is your man!

Price $15.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada  Add to Cart
Fenella....Felicia and Flossi from the same group!  ha!

From Rhonda McGinnity - - you can have your whole circus!

What fabulous patterns to enjoy decorating a wonderfully circusy bedroom!  

$12.50 ppd in the U.S.
BRAND NEW by Rhonda McGinnity - Fernando and Fabio from the Fabulous Flying Fancys!

Wonderful and how funny!

Price $12.50 ppd in the U.S.
Santa-the Aussie Run

A 40-45cm (about 18") cloth character doll featuring button jointed arms, leg variations, poseable fingers, body sculpting and not quite "anatomically correct" bits(this is hilarious!!!).  Pattern also includes Boomer pattern (male kangaroos) and instructions for the "Beer Can Sleigh"

Price $15.50 ppd in the U.S.
Just Judy
by Rhonda McGinnity
Judy is 22" tall and has a wired support through her neck, weighted bottom and thighs, sculpted face and poseable fingers and toes.  Her clothing incorporates quilting, tucking, trapunto and cut away techniques.  Her hair is fabric rolls.  She was designed for the 2002 XLN Traditional Fabric Challenge.  She is a "sewer's doll" but can be simplified for the less adventurous.  her luscious curly locks may be a little "judicial", but she promises not to be too judgmental of your sewing skills--she has no official title, she is "Just Judy"

Rhonda was the winner in the Professional Category in the above mentioned challenge! GREAT!

Price $11.00 ppd in the U.S.
Ace is back by popular demand!

by Rhonda McGinnity

Ace is 22" and features protruding ribs, Adam's apple, ankles and "Surfie bumps" below his knees.  His pattern comes complete with his own fishing tackle and sandwich for lunch.  (Anatomically correct!)

Price is $15.50 ppd in the U.S.
Very witty pattern for pin dolls
Includes 3 pin doll patterns (9")
 "they will delight and shock and ensure you get noticed in a crowd.  Lots of smiles coming your way and I am sad to say guys that "Adam" usually gets howls of laughter.  Have a go and surprise someone you know - - maybe yourself!"  
Price $12.50 postpaid in the U.S.
#RM24  Add to Cart
Sheep Weather Alert!
Includes pattern for sheep dog, motorcycle and the man pattern
15.50 PPD US  Add to Cart
Chameleon Man
19" Tall.  A heavily muscled jungle dweller with a mask like face.  His muscles are defined using the trapunto technique and they are on his face, cheeks, back, legs and arms.  He has poseable fingers and button jointed arms, legs and elbows.  He is too good to cover with much clothing, but beading guidelines and a mud flap pattern are included for the fainthearted!
14.50 PPD US Add to Cart
Lenny and Larry man patterns
35" tall!  I was amazed at this pattern, and must make one one of these days!  It's a wonderful pattern.
12.50 PPD US  Add to Cart
Magical Rack Man (clown type doll)
33" (from head to toe) hanging cloth character doll.  The rack man features sliding arms/legs, poseable fingers and loads of fun.  This was Rhonda's entry in the Threadbearz XLN 1999 Challenge.  She won the Professional Design Category!
12.50 PPD US  #RM05

The Five Foot Noggin Tree and The Walnut Tree
19" five footed free standing tree and a 24" tree to hang on the wall.  Featuring armature and sculpted faces.  Itsy Bitsy Bird pattern included.  Great if you love making heads or 3D art.
15.50 PPD US   #RM06

Leonardo (man doll pattern)
21" cloth doll featuring all in one body and legs.  Simple armature and arm armature to allow movement of both arms at once.  Poseable fingers and devastating good looks and smile.  Very cute sculptured bottom as well as a modest posing pouch.  
12.50 PPD US     #RM08

Peppa (wench pattern)
22" cloth character doll.  Peppa is a buxom barmaid/wench and first mate to Mad Monty the Pirate.  Peppa features off the shoulder joints, poseable fingers and sculpted face and body.
12.50 PPD US     #RM11
Three Bags Full
A Sleeping Bag, a Leaping Bag and a Face in the Crowd.  three bags to put your whatnots in - to show off and drag around.  Simple construction.  Trapunto techniques, face painting instructions and templates included.  You will be the face in a crows with this lot!  
12.50 ppd in the US