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Sandy Miller  
Sandy Miller
Copyright by Sandra Miller (Sandolls) All Rights Reserved
Tish  by looking, around 7-8" tall.


9.00 ppd in the US


This is a wonderful pattern by Sandy that I just love.  Merlin holds lots of interesting items.  
9.00 PPD

Daintyís bent knees will help her sit almost anywhere. When seated, she is 6" tall. Her bendable wings may be made in two ways: an advanced or beginnerís method. She has soft, curly wool hair that is glued on. Her arms are bendable to hold her magic wand. Her bodice is made of small leaves and her skirt is several layers of sheer fabrics. Dainty is easily made by beginners or advanced dollmakers.
9.00 ppd

Twilight Angel is the angel who hovers in the darkening starlit sky. Her wings are made of beautiful dark feathers, her hair is mohair and her dress is star-stenciled taffeta. A beautiful satin cape encircles her and her bowl contains glittering stars to be cast among the evening sky. Her face is hand-sculpted with thread and she has individual fingers that bend easily to hold her bowl and stars. She is made with an armature and is easily made by intermediate sewers. Twilight Angel is 18" tall and comes with complete instructions and sources for supplies are included
7.50 ppd
Resting on her lovely machine-embroidered, bead-encrusted mushroom, Whimsy quietly holds a bouquet of flowers. Sheís resplendent in her pink chiffon and tiny slippers. Shimmering net wings will whisk her away if you approach to closely. She is 11" tall on her mushroom stand.
9.00 ppd  Add to Cart


He's a cutey!  He looks to be about 12" tall standing.  VERY different.  Instructions are GREAT!
9.00 PPD