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There is lots to see!

Leslie Molen

Happy Bird
by Leslie Molen

This pattern makes an adorable bird that stands about 8" high to the tip of his tail...but you can also make him without legs if you want!

including shipping in the USA and Canada

Frolicking Fellow
by Leslie Molen

This pattern makes a reindeer that is about 13" tall.  I have seen this in person and it is a pretty good sized deer.

The pattern calls for 9mm eyes.  The body fabric is a one way stretch.

including shipping in the USA

Luv Muffins
by Leslie Molen

Great new pattern from Leslie!  These can be used as pin cushions or just cute gifts.  They will be about 8" tall when completed, including the muffin part.

You can use stretch velvet or felted wool.

Both the Rabbit and the Cat pattern are included.

Shipping included in the USA

Little Blue Bird Pincushion
by Leslie Molen

A little more complicated then the Luv Muffins pattern.  This adorable pincushion will be about 4.5" tall an you will use polar fleece for the bird and cottons for the nest.

Shipping included in the USA

Adventures In Dollmaking
With Leslie Molen
This DVD Includes:
Demos On Supplies,
Sewing & Stuffing

Detailed Needlesculpting
Needlesculpting Chart &
Head Pattern

Bonus Features:
Adding an Overlay &
Coloring the Face
Price $41.50 postpaid in the U.S.

This step-by-step, interactive, DVD shows you everything
that you'll need to know to create a cloth doll head, just like Leslie!
From using the right supplies, to what types of material to use,
to the creation, this DVD has it all!
Valentine Crazy Quilt Doll
Price $10.00 PPD IN THE U.S.
26" Tall /Hanging Doll
Learn the free-form technique of Crazy Quilting to create this whimsical doll.
Unique construction of the body and fun wigging techniques help to create this folk art style doll.
Also included is a stitching template to embroider her heart.

picture upcoming
Lili and Linis by Leslie - 20" Rabbit dolls
Price $12.00 ppd in the U.S.

Snap the Dragon
14" tall 11.50 ppd in the US
Tea Time Ladies, 15" seated
Ladies pattern 11.50 ppd in the US
Butler not available

Meow Meow Neko
by Leslie Molen

This pattern makes an all cloth cat doll that is about 25" tall.  

It is an intermediate skill level pattern and you will need to use stabilizers for the body with you velvet, panne or velour.

You will learn how to make the eyes using buttons that you paint over.

The face is needlesculpted.

I have taken this class with Leslie and it is a great doll!

Shipping included in the USA

Nezumi: The Little Mouse
by Leslie Molen

A great pattern that is suitable for beginners as well as experienced dollmakers.

The pattern makes a mouse that is about 11.5" high.

You will use buttons that you paint over for the eyes.

The head requires stabilizer.

So cute!

Shipping included in the USA

The Raggedy Doll
by Leslie Molen

Here is a modern Raggedy...isn't she grand?!!  
The pattern makes a 24" doll.  The hair is made using one skein of mohair (or whatever you choose).  Instructions for the pantaloons, dress and apron are included.

$10.50 including shipping

The Doll Keeper
by Leslie Molen

This doll is not new but I have not carried the pattern before.  This doll is 20" tall when made up and her little dolls are about 2 1/2".  The pattern to make the little dolls is included!  The face is made by tracing the template onto cloth and then embroidering the features.

Her arms and legs are armatured and Leslie says she can be free standing!

$10.50 including shipping
Copyright Leslie Molen, All Rights Reserved
Woodland Elf
10" Tall
With armature and a unique sole technique, learn to make this free standing Elf.
Woodland costume includes outfit and unusual boot technique.
Needlesculpting instructions and face applique instructions included!

Pumpkin Girl
22" Tall (says 17" on pattern, so not sure again on this one)
With this doll you will learn Needlesculpting and a pieced head.
Also, gusseted and jointed arms and legs and creative costuming.

Seed Queen, 28" Tall
"This doll was created after a trip to Santa Fe. I love the shape of the Santos wooden figures. Her oval shape resembles these figures.
Learn tube body construction, simple needlesculpting, face coloring and unique costuming."
$10.00 ppd in the U.S.