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There is lots to see!

Patti LaValley
Patti LaValley

by Patti LaValley

This pattern is for an 18" doll.  It is invisibly jointed and the pattern calls for Velour or any one way stretch knit.

Face and knees, elbows and toes are needle sculpted

This is an intermediate to advanced pattern.

Instructions for the wings and the bow, arrow and quiver are included.

by Patti LaValley

This is a pattern to make a 15" all cloth doll.  It is an intermediate level pattern.  Fingers are wired with chenille stems so they are posable.

I love her little bare toes!!!

$11.50 with shipping in the US
Best Friends
by Patti LaValley

This pattern is for an 18" jointed doll and her little cat.  Patti calls for doe suede on this or peach velour.  She gives instructions for making the cat and the yarn baskets...using toothpicks for the knitting needles!

$15.00 with shipping in US & Canada
by Patti LaValley

Here is a 10" cloth fairy with delicate wings in a lovely seated position.
Patti tells you how to make the wings from organza.

$13.75 including shipping
Mermaid Pincushion
by Patti LaValley

This terrific pincushion is 6 1/2 inches high and has a body armature.  It also offers wonderful opportunities for embellishment and I know you will have lots of fun with it.
(ps:  they make great gifts!)

$11.00 ppd
by Patti LaValley

This is a pattern for 24" fully jointed felt doll.

This doll pattern comes with the little cheshire cat pattern too.

Isn't she just darling!!!

by Patti LaValley

Molly is a 15" button jointed doll who comes with a little button doll as a playmate.  She has trapunto type face.

Gingerbread Witch
by Patti LaValley

Here is another great Halloween pattern!

This pattern makes a 28" all cloth wall doll with wood bead joints.

As always Patti gives good instructions and I know you will have fun mixing and matching Halloween fabrics!  Of course this would also make a great kitchen witch!

Yes..the pattern for the gingerbread doll is included!

$11.00 PPD
Out of stock
Tsunami Butterfly by Patti LaValley -- A symbol of Hope, Restoration and Renewal.  All Skill Levels.  Wall Doll.

If you make any butterflies to sell, please donate your profit to the Tsunami Relief fund of your choice.

Price $10.80 ppd in the U.S. and Canada  Add to Cart

Buttercup and Rainbow Fairies. It is for two 18" fairies, with different wing designs plus beaded wire dragonfly.
by Patti LaValley  $11.00 ppd in the U.S.  Add to Cart

Flower, a delightful 15" flying fairy (two shown in the picture)
All skill levels
Price $11.00 ppd in the U.S.
Laughing on the Outside by Patti LaValley.  This was an online class, now in pattern format!  Very cute!

Price $16.00 ppd in the U.S.
Elton the Fairy Finder is a charming 15" Elf pattern by Patti LaValley.  Intermediate to Advanced skills required.

Price $13.00 ppd in the U.S.
Earth Angel by Patti LaValley
$16.00 ppd in the U.S.
A wonderful 26" tall and includes one face transfer with the pattern purchase.  Intermediate to Advanced skills required.

Mareena, just beautiful!! This is a fantastic pattern.  12" reclining mermaid.  
Price 11.00 ppd in the U.S.
out of stock
Sea Foam - mermaid
Patti's newest doll
15" hanging modular doll
Lots of embellishing possibilities on this one!  Painted features