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Patterns by Sharon Mitchell of New Zealand

Sharon Mitchell
Dance Like No One
is Watching!
by Sharon Mitchell

What a great pattern celebrating the joy of dancing!  Here is the newest one from Sharon in New Zealand.  This flapper doll is an 18" wall doll...though you can arrange your own stand if you prefer.
This doll has an open mouth and her shoes are painted on..great look!!

$15.00 includes shipping in the USA

Jessie & Jack
by Sharon Mitchell

A great new pattern from New Zealand!  This pattern makes a doll 11 inches tall, has wire armature legs and stitched on arms that help when it comes to creating poses. Jessie/Jack can be really simple to make and takes very little velour, so is probably an intermediate doll.
The boy and girl clothing patterns are included.

$15.00 including shipping in the USA

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