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There is lots to see!
Jill Maas
Jill Maas
Harry Humperpickle
by Jill Maas

This pattern makes a 14" doll.  Patterns for the sheep are also included!

$13.00 with shipping
 in US & Canada
Leonora and Lily
By Jill Maas

This pattern makes a 20" tall doll.  This is a great size for beginners to work with and also for experienced doll makers who want to have some fun with embellishments!

This is a stump doll so no legs to worry about!  

The instructions for making a hat out of a plastic lid are included or you can buy a small straw hat.

$13.00 with shipping in US & Canada

by Jill Maas

This patterns makes a doll that stands about 18" high.  
Clothes patterns are included.  Doll has a wire armature that makes up the high heel of the shoe and up through the body.

$13.00 with shipping
 in US & Canada

by Jill Maas

This pattern makes a 17" doll.  She is desked out for the coming Fall weather with her striped stockings and sweater.  Instructuions for the boots are will use felt for well as instructions for all the clothes.

$13.00 with shipping
 in US & Canada
Loose Cannons
by Jill Maas

Here is a fun pattern and it will make a great quick gift for the holidays too!  These make up about 12" high, they are weighted at the base and then you can pose them leaning any which way you like!

$13.00 with shipping
 in US & Canada
Fishy Flossie
by Jill Maas

This pattern makes a 16" tall doll when completed.  The pattern calls for doe suede fabric or doll velour.  The fish are made out of silk and the  fishing pole is a kabob will have great fun with this pattern!

$13.00 with shipping
 in US & Canada
by Jill Maas

This pattern makes a 13" seated doll and a dog!  (The couch is not included in this pattern).  You will use white micro fleece and a black marking pen to make your Dalmatian markings...really cute!

$13.00 with shipping
 in US & Canada

By Jill Maas

This pattern makes a couch approximately 13" wide.  It is used for the cover photo of her Lola pattern but can be made for any doll in that size range.  You will need sturdy cardboard for the structure of the couch.

$13.00 with shipping in US & Canada
Snowdrop & Frosty
by Jill Maas

A great challenge doll for a single color!  JIll created this doll as a challenge to herself to use one color.  While she chose could choose any color you want, maybe even add wings for an angel!

The pattern makes a doll that stands 14" tall.

The hair is fun fur.

The pattern for her little frosty friend is included.

$13.00 with shipping
 in US & Canada
Santa & Friends
by Jill Maas

Great pattern!  The pattern makes an santa doll that is 11.5" tall, the dogs and the little bear stuffie.

Santa is made from velour and the dogs call for micro fleece.

$13.00 with shipping
 in US & Canada

by Jill Maas

A great mermaid pattern by Jill!  This pattern makes a dolls that is about 12".

The doll has a wired tail and fingers.

A great project for beading!

$13.00 with shipping in US & Canada
and Meredith Mouse
by Jill Maas

Maisie stands about 15 in. tall, body of velour, wired legs, small patterned lightweight fabrics for her clothes, felt for hat, shoes and mouse, the fun is in the detail like the little knitted trim, tiny handbag and the twisted wire mouse legs.

$13.00 with shipping in US & Canada
Father of the Bride
by Jill Maas

Here is the newest pattern from Jill.

This chap stands about 17 inches tall
when complete and makes a great couple with Mother of the Bride.

Here is what Jill has to say about him:

"A very proud Father of the Bride, dressed to the nines, hired suit, new hair cut and a designer shirt - he's passed his wife's inspection and ready to escort his beautiful daughter! Under threat of not embarrassing anyone in his speech he's feeling relaxed with the help of a whiskey or two and ready to dance up a storm as the evening progresses "

He is tried and tested and has been lots of fun to make, from his suit with tails, white shirt and bow tie, with even a few hidden extras!
There is nothing like a tall silent well dressed gentleman to enhance your life!

$13.00 with shipping in US & Canada

Mother of the Bride
by Jill Maas

This Lady stands 16” tall (40 cm). Her body is velour or doe suede, her hair is fur fabric and she has wire supporting her legs and chenille sticks in her fingers.

She has a great profile, an expressive face and just enough sculpting to make her an easy challenge.
Her clothes are made in silk, or she may like a brocade skirt.

“Every now and then there is a special occasion to celebrate; right now I’m into the ‘Mother of the Bride’ theme!"
"I have designed her with that 'last minute’ emotion overload, watching her daughter ‘glide down the aisle’. What an amazing time, hanky ready to dry a tear, relief that everyone has turned up, and behaving, standing with that ‘demur look’ all the while her heart is jumping for joy."

"Wait till the formal part finishes, she has got some dance moves to scare her new son-in-law!" (some are illustrated in pattern!)
"At least her fuchsia pink outfit will show up in the photo’s and she already has plans to wear it again - when her horse races next week!”

$13.00 with shipping in US & Canada
Kathleen Book Doll
by Jill Maas

This fun art project is a doll with a "book" body!  Lots of opportunity to embellish and stretch your creativity.  The doll stands about 20" high and only her head and shoulder are soft sculpted.  The rest is the book.  Jill suggests you can use text or photos to further enhance this doll.

$13.00 with shipping in US & Canada

City Girls
by Jill Maas

A new pattern from Jill...Here is what she says about it:

I've taught her many times here in New Zealand and she has been my most popular request this year.
City Girls first made an appearance in May of my 2009 calendar.
She is about 45cm ( 17 inches) tall, is an easy project (no hands or legs) but with good design and effect.

These fashion girls, look great in gorgeous colorful cottons or for a totally differnt look use old natural toned furnishing type fabrics, even an old wool blanket for her coat and hat! .

A fun project to use up that handmade felt,or precious scraps of textiles, her coat has just the right place for that one lovely old button that you've kept for years and get creative with her scarf and hat decoration!
Best make two dolls, after all, it's fun having a friend to shop with!

$13.00 with shipping in US & Canada

by Jill Maas

Little Maggie has flown in, landed lightly in her little striped socks and ready to go!

A wee treasure, she is a delight to make, only 14 inches overall.
Her body is doll velour or similar, her socks are striped knit fabric, wings made out of silk and lace for her skirt. The wiring in her body allows her to stand on a window sill,… but point her toes, tilt her head back, lift her arms and she is ready to fly in the breeze!!
(From a nylon thread attached to the loop on the back of her dress and hung from the ceiling!)

So cute, full of personality, looks great dressed in pastel colors, all fun and a quick project.
Makes a great gift.

$13.00 with shipping in US & Canada

Frumpy Grumps
by Jill Maas

So cute, so grumpy, so likeable, and a little frumpy.
She stands about 12 ½ ins (32 cm) high.
We won’t talk about her width!
Body made of velour, clothes from old fabrics, she has wired legs and strong sensible shoes to hold her firmly on the ground, she has a slight ‘attitude’ problem.

$13.00 PPD in US & Canada
Dress Maker's Dummy
by Jill Maas

Here is what Jill has to say about this pattern:

The Dressmakers Dummy was first made for an exhibition I held. She stands about 20in tall on a simple wooden base.

"She brought back memories of the old dressmakers dummy in Mum’s room. We loved wrapping her with fabric, draping a fur around her shoulders, pinning on silk flowers and changing her hat.  Mum was an extraordinary talented craftswoman and I dedicate this doll to her."

$13.00 with shipping
By Jill Maas

Eddie is about 10" high and is easy to make in doll velour and has clothes made out of 2 types of stretch material.
Here is what Jill has to say about him:
Eddie is from Eketahuna, New Zealand.
He is full of mischief, loves mud sliding, collecting earth worms and riding on turkeys and dancing in the dark. His favorite things are strawberry tarts
 and watching the sunset.
He could be dressed for Christmas, or
St Patrick’s Day or as a bright wee person to
cheer up a dull afternoon

$13.00 with shipping
Olive at the Beach
by Jill Maas

Here is a fun new pattern from Jill.  
Olive stands about 181/2 in (48cm) tall. She is made of doll velour with cotton swimsuit trimmed with Lycra. Her legs are wired and she stands on her own.

Here is what Jill has to say about Olive:  
"Olive is setting off to the beach to look for husband No5. She is wearing her best pearls and is very keen on those flexible surfies with their sun kissed hair.   Olive bleaches her own hair to save hairdressing costs and is very proud that she has managed to stay the same weight as when she married No3, although her body shape has changed somewhat!"

$13.00 with shipping
Dot the Pocket Angel
by Jill Maas

Dot is 15 1/2" tall and as you can see she has her hands in her pockets....well, actually she has no hands!!!  Its just an illusion so you don't have to turn fingers!!  Yes!!!

$13.00 including shipping

Dancing Doris
by Jill Mass

Fun to make, easy clothes, knitted slippers, a girl on the go!

Jill says:   Doris is always thinking of ways to improve herself and gathers her friends around her to form a 'dance class' on Tuesdays in her car shed. The music is turned up and they 'dance as if nobody's watching' from 9 till 10 only stopping for morning tea and a chat!  She is an author of several spine chilling novels, grows pink daisies in window boxes and plays the ukulele.

Doris is about 42 cm high, made from velour, she has wired legs and stands on her own.

Sounds like a hoot to me!!


by Jill Mass

Another great pattern...this one is a quirky  12" angle/ let me have Jill tell you in her own words....

Gertrude has many strings to her bow, guardian angel, seasonal fairy, a confidant (to anyone who will listen) and occasionally freelancing for Hugh someone.
My Gertrude took up residence in my roof space. When I started sewing she made herself known by tangling all my threads and throwing pins one by one over my studio floor. She has become a very trusted and semi reliable

Gertrude can hover, (although not when you are watching), she hovers overhead anytime of the day or night throwing crazy ideas into my head and finding just the right scrapes of fabric, thread or beads to excite me into starting a new project.  When I'm working she manages the coffee pot, she keeps trace of time so I remember appointments and when she sees the need, she colors over the grey
days with shades of flamingo pink and lizard green, and a little daisy yellow.

Gertrude has saves mail from going missing, washing from getting wet and my friends from forgetting me. She plays the banjo, sings jazz and dances the tango.
I'm sure your Gertrude will enhance and inspire you too.

by Jill Mass

Jill's newest pattern can be made up in several ways...try Gardening Harriet with her big brimmed hat or cowgirl Harriet with her cowboy hat.
You'll have great fun with this character doll!  You will need to supply the hat and I think that she would also make a great witch for Halloween!!

NEW from Jill Maas of New Zealand:
High Octave Hester was born in Whatatutu, New Zealand and was professionally trained by a singing Italian corgi breeder two houses down the street. Her mother paid her fees in dog biscuits.

She amazes people by sharing her talent at conferences for executive bank managers.

Once at age 22 she sang at Carnegie Hall and has spent a ‘season’ in Venice singing on the gondolas.
As well as opera, she loves jazz and heavy metal and some rap.

Many times she has toured the world entertaining passengers on the luxury cruise liners.

In her spare time she is a trapeze artist for a well known circus, she also grows peonies and snapdragons in her 4 acre garden and bottles peaches in summer.

On Thursdays she plays Bridge and enjoys meeting her friends at the local pub for a ‘bar lunch’.

Hester is designing her own range of underwear which she hopes to sell in Paris next year

Price $13.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada  Add to Cart

Little Singer by Jill Maas
These little cuties are small (about 15cm high) They are made from a variety of small scraps. Full instructions are supplied including knitting pattern for hat and scarf. $13.00 postpaid in the U.S. and Canada  Add to Cart

Julia (by Jill Maas of New Zealand) is a small beaded pin brooch. The face is sculptured to create a unique style similar to the rest of my dolls. A variety of colour coordinated beads are used with striking effect. $13.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada

Amelia by Jill Maas of New Zealand -- cute cute!  52cm high  $13.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada  Add to Cart
Winnie Mae, Wilfred's Girlfriend, has arrived from Jill Maas!

Price $13.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada  Add to Cart

Wilfred McDonald - by Jill Maas of New Zealand -- if you've never purchased one of Jill's patterns, you're missing out!
$13.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada

Jill Maas of New Zealand
Copyright Jill Maas, All Rights Reserved
A note from Jill
and a note from a U.S. customer Judy Tiller - a great hint!
Jill Maas has a note at her pattern site about weighting her dolls. I use copper BBs, also called copper shot, to add weight to her dolls.I make a little sack for them about 1 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches and pour the shot in, hand sew it tight, and place it in the bottom. I also leave an opening in the back seam and place a circle of cardboard in first then the sack of copper shot. Then stuff around well up to the opening which I sew shut. Works Great!!
Ageing  Angels and Errol:  About the weighting pellets in their base--in New Zealand they are sold by the people who have bear fur and bear making needs--Plastic pellets are NOT heavy enough--they need the heavy weight to stand on their own. Also buckshot or glass sand will work.
Jill Maas does it again with Annie - her patterns are always good quality and I love each one of them!

Price is $11.00 ppd in the U.S.
'Jude' stands about 18ins high, is easy and fun to make, she is a young curvy lady, lending herself to different styles, Art deco, tribal or over the top posh person!! From our wonderful Jill Maas of New Zealand!
$11.00 ppd in the U.S.  Add to Cart
Welcomed to Jill Maas' wonderful creations, Gordon Golly.  He stands approx. 16 1/2" tall.  I've read through the instructions and it's wonderful to make!

$11.00 ppd in the US

Holly is the newest "cutesie" pattern by Jill.  It is on order now.  Isn't this precious!?  Cute as buttons.

11.00 PPD US

Happy Harry Have-a-Heart
by Jill Maas
Almost 10" tall and cute as a button!  Perfect for gift-giving and bazaars!  Jill actually designed this for a gift for someone she knows!

Price $10.83 ppd in the U.S.

Mildred and Flossie (Aging Angels)

"forget their wings--give them hair and a crazy hat and lightly stuff their arms leaving a gap where the elbows should be...
They have slightly bigger lips and their hands are stitched to their hips--that is if you can find their hips!!"

11.06 PPD US  Add to Cart

Meet Tillie &  Tessa!
Pin Dolls with Attitude!

Brand new by Jill and cute as can be.

11.00 PPD US


11.06 PPD US


Errol (man pattern)

11.06 PPD US

Maid Aggie
19" tall (approx.)

Aggie was born in Mangaweka, New Zealand.  She has been wroking for wealthy families for 25 yrs. and knows to always keep her ear to the ground and her mouth shut (till she writes her memoirs when she retires!)  Aggie spends her days off rodeo riding, training sheep dogs, (she uses the same method when training children) and riding her Harley.  She loves applie pies and smoke eels.

Aggie is slightly weathered and slightly boring to look at but she has a very interestingly aged body under that dress.  She stands unaided in her very sensible shoes.  "I hope you enjoy making her, there is plenty of room to give her your own personal touch in dress if you so desire".  Jill

Price 11.30  #MAAS07   Add to Cart