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Welcome to Section 5 of patterns!
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Pania (Molloy)

Pasthyme Treasures

Patterns by Elaine

Lisa Pay

Phatphaeries, Inc.

Kathy Pilipauskas

Plain Jane Dolls
Jane Houck
only a few copies left!

Ruth Prest

Judith Prior
R & K Creations

Raggedy Days

Raggedy Pants

Raggedy Rhondas
Clearance Pricing!
Only a few left!!

Raggedy Stitches

Red Hen Designs

Reets Rags to Stitches (2 pages)

Chanelle Reid

Virginia Robertson

Tricia Robinz

Rose Patchwork Cottage

Suzette Rugolo

Lisa Rynda
DISCONTINUED and marked down
only a few copies left!

Samantha's Angels

Carol Saunders

Kerry Seymour

Shirley Shaw

Karen Shifton

Christine Shively

Cyndy Sieving

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