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Judith Prior
Judith Prior of Australia
Copyright Judith Prior, All Rights Reserved
Simple Patterns, Ideal for Beginners, Inexpensive to Make, Step by Step Illustrated Instructions,| Suitable for Recycled Fabrics
Lady Ascot
by Judith Prior

A 16" stump doll pattern from an Australia designer !

All dressed up and off to the races. Pattern includes, hat, parasol and gloves as shown in picture

Full instructions loaded with diagrams make this a lovely doll to make and a welcome addition to your collection.

 with shipping in US & Canada

Fu Lung
by Judith Prior

14" x 9" Posed. Actual dragon body is around 28" long
Chinese dragons are snake-like with four short legs. Chinese dragons have five toes verses the Korean Dragon with four toes and the Japanese with only three. Unlike other dragons of legend they do not have wings

Not a difficult project, some sewing skills required. Push in safety eyes, Gold Braid trim and Gold Fringe Step by step instructions with lots of diagrams to help you every step of the way. Make him your own by adding your own embellishments

Pattern is from Australia.

including shipping in US and Canada

by Judith Prior
(from Australia)

Sculptured Cloth Elephant.

Approximately 8" high 12" long.
Elephants with the trunk raised are good luck symbols.
Not difficult to make, some bar Craft Cottons.
Not difficult to make, some basic sewing skills required. Suitable for Craft Cottons.

 including shipping in US and Canada

Princess Madelaine Class
(On CD)
by Judith Prior

15" Sculptured Cloth
Child Princess Stump Doll
Absolute Beginners to Intermediate Skill.

This is a great class on CD.  
If you have never made a doll before or if you are a doll maker who would like a pretty little doll, quick and simple to make, for yourself or as a gift, this is the class for you!

Fully illustrated, detailed lessons, step by step instructions, with over one hundred coloured pictures

including shipping in US and Canada
Boris Class (on CD)
by Judith Prior

Boris is a 16" tall cloth dragon for intermediate to advanced dollmakers.
Easy to follow instructions over five lessons accompanied with over 80 colour images, teaching a multitude of exciting skills.

A complete class on CD!
Fully illustrated, detailed lessons, step by step instructions, with over one hundred coloured pictures

 including shipping in US and Canada

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Darius Class (on CD)
by Judith Prior

 Includes Judith's easy to follow written instructions as well as over one hundred color pictures. Plus easy to follow simple visual steps, how you too can make your very own wall hanging!

 "Darius" Techniques you will learn in this class include Working with Bias fabrics, for better control of curves, and shaping of the finished work. Inserting Gussets with easy to follow pictures.

Easy method of working with An External Armature .

Trapunto Work on face, and snout. Eyelids. The easy way Spiral Horns. The easy way Simple Sculpting to give the feet and claws Dimensional painted claws.

So easy and very dragon like! Judith's classes are fun and easy to follow, step by step instructions, with lots of hints and many, close up pictures taken with a macro lens to help you make your very own "Darius"

 including shipping in US and Canada
by Judith Prior

Her newest Dragon "Egbert" is now available. He is a fabulous 12" dragon with wired armature wings. He has just hatched so the instructions for making his dragon egg out of plaster of paris are also included! Think what a surprise this egg would be in your Easter Basket!!

$14.50 (Includes Postage)

Class CD
by Judith Prior

Judith's "Ambrose" dragon class on CD. This class has tons of photos and instructions to help you make a 14" dragon with a wire armature in the body, neck and wings plus it teaches you a trapunto technique for the face, snout and horns This CD is in a PDF file format.

$37.00  Includes Postage

Bumbleforth is 22" (53cm) tall.
Not a complicated pattern, although some sewing experience needed.
Bumbleforth has wired fingers, button jointed shoulders and sewn movable hip joints, sculpted face with inserted acrylic eyes, with eyelids. Fake fur beard. Face painting and hair and beard fixing instructions are included.   He is able to sit, or may be displayed on a doll stand as in the picture.
Pattern includes, instructions for magic staff, and leather bag of spells.
All instructions for doll and costume including under robe, with sleeves.
Over cape, sleeveless. Knickerbocker trousers, and wizard hat. Boots are attached to legs.
Price $13.80 ppd in the U.S.

Click on picture for a larger view
"Coralie" by Judith Prior (C) 2003
The Mermaid from the Coral Coast of Queensland, Australia
"Coralie" is 12" seated.. Would be an 18" doll, If standing.
I have used a guipure lace motif for decoration on the doll pictured here.

You might like add your own artistic talents with paints, beads and glitter.
Her body is made from homespun . Her tail is covered with fabric from an old old evening gown, recycled (lurex) but also looks fabulous in Stretch Velvet, or any glittering lycra, spandex or similar fabric.  The tail can be reversed, to left or right pose.  The doll has a simple wire armature and articulated fingers.
This doll is not a difficult doll to make. But some sewing experience is needed.  $13.50 PPD IN THE U.S.   
"Bongo" and his drums.
Sculptured Cloth Doll Pattern.
36cm (14") Seated 70cm.
(27") if standing.
from Judith Prior of Australia
"Bongo" is made from soft chamois, he has inserted acrylic eyes, dimensional toenails and fingernails. His shirt and pants can be made from recycled fabrics.
Some sewing experience needed.
Pattern includes doll, costume, dreadlocks, and instructions to make the bongo drums.
Price $13.50 ppd in the U.S.
Judith Prior's Party Animal - 23" sculptured cloth doll.  This cute, way out looking guy is not quite human, not quite animal, you might have meet someone just like him at a party somewhere recently.  He's very different, sure to be a real conversation piece.

Price $11.00 ppd in the U.S.
Lavender by Judith Prior of Australia is here! 18" sculptured doll that is a sweet, pretty little girl.  A delightful addition to any doll collection.  Her costume looks intricate, but it is not difficult to make!  The lavender lace is acrylic paint tinted, easy instructions included!

Price is $11.00 ppd in the U.S.

Here he is!  Ali-Kazaam! by Judith Prior - Ali is 14" seated 27 1/2" if standing.
Nice size and one of my "dreams" - I dreamed this pattern a few years back, shared it with Judith and she already had plans for Ali--yay!!
I'd make a cute rug to sit him on!
Price is $12.83  Add to Cart
What a fancy Dinosaur!

Sculptured cloth doll, overall length and height about 12".  More challenging project - some sewing skill required.

Judith always tickles me with her patterns - she works in the "costuming" field (or did) and wow - you can tell she enjoys designing new things! (Frillie the Frill Necked Lizard is also hers in this "new" section)

This guy is so wonderfully cute - I love it!

Price is $11.00 ppd in the U.S.
Frillie is an Australian Frill Neck Lizard by Judith Prior - BRAND NEW and perfect for beginners!!  Length is 12" -
Price is $10.50 ppd in the U.S.

18" Sculptured Cloth doll (10" sitting)

This curvaceous, charismatic little Genie will delight you with her bright colors and gold lame' sleeves.  Her shiny black hair is made from fringing.  You can choose your own braids and beads to decorate her!

Price 10.00 ppd in the U.S.

Liam, the Lucky Leprechaun

Shiny green shirt, lace collar and cuffs, set off with jaunty gold buckles at his waist, on his shoes and hat, make this little fellow very handsome indeed.  He's sure to cheer you up, just looking at himi.  And he's also very, very lucky!
Liam is a 16" Sculptured cloth doll.

Price 10.00 ppd in the U.S.
Gloria, the Glamorous Witch

Recycled black velvet, satin, taffeta and some black sequins give Gloria a definite theatrical style.  Well, nobody said that witches all have to be ugly!

Gloria is a 14" sculptured cloth doll

$10.00 ppd in the U.S.
Minnie, the Indian Maid

16" sculptured cloth doll

Minnie can be easily adapted to create lots of different characters.     I'm sure you'll have lots of fun creating Minnie.

$10.00 ppd in the U.S.