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Kerry Seymour
Kerry Seymour
Lyla and Lilly
A Winged Troll and Her Baby
by Kerry Seymour

These Trolls are made from doll face craft velour, both have needle sculpted faces and animal eyes . They are 11" and 5" tall. A unique part of this design is the mothers wings and clothes are made from 20 weight paper bags. There are 10 pages of instructions/2 diagram pages and 3 pages of templates.

$11.25 includes shipping
Fayona a Christmas Faerie! By Kerry Seymour.  She is
8 1/2" sitting and very curvy!
Angelina fibers are used for her
wings, doe suede for her body. She
has a flat painted face on 100%
cotton fabric sewn to a two piece
head back.
11.00 ppd USA

Valerio, by Kerry Seymour
 is about 18" high
and hangs on the wall or if
you just want to have some
fun she is a Jester on a
Stick! Her face is needle
sculpted. Hands and head
are craft velour or doe
suede, body is cottons.
$10.00 ppd USA
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Her name is Chloe, by Kerry Seymour,  and she is a 24" sitting lady doll. All her clothing is removable, she wears bloomers and a padded bra for undie things. Painted boots, dress, corset and an easy hat make up her outside clothing.
She has stitched fingers, a weight bag
added to help her sit. Her face is painted with watercolor pencils and I have included 2 pages of step by step painting instructions with 10 color pictures to help out the beginner.
$11.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada
Fiona and Flo are both 8" long and made of cotton fabric.  The wings are Tyvek (© Dupont)

Price $6.50 ppd in the U.S.
Brandy S. Moonbeam is anxious to start witches school. She has her broom and her book of "Spells and Potions 101". She's had her fill of nasty boys and is ready to learn a few spells, maybe to turn one into a frog!

Brandy is a witch in training, just in time to help you move into the Fall season, can't you just fill the cool air, the leaves crunching under every step you take! Hot apple cider, pumpkins and scarecrows, Oh My!! Instructions include her broom and book of spells.
Price is $8.83 ppd in the U.S.