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Christine Shively                
Christine Shively

Dress Rehearsal
by Christine Shively

This is a cloth doll that stands on her own without internal or external armature. The pattern is featured in the small size of about 9 inches. The patterns can be enlarged for a taller version of the figure by increasing to 125%.

The costume is flat pattern design using the influences of Elizabethan costuming. There is a flat, pointed front bodice piece called a Stomacher, pants, and shoes included in the pattern. There are two very cleaver flat wing shapes that turn into shoulder embellishments and a hat.

Drawing and painting a theatrical face on the cotton pancake head is also included. As is the instructions for the mask.  Picot beaded edge is also discussed and diagramed in the pattern.
Two color pictures are featured in the pattern along with 36 diagrams and written material.

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The Jewel of Experience
by Christine Shively

A seated female figure with wired fingers and shapely legs. This is a template method for sewing the body and jacket shapes. Colored pencil, pigma pen and acrylic faces with highlight and shadow is covered. Convincing bustline, interesting crumpled fabric hat, with paper/wire embellishment. Picot beaded edge embellishment instructions on clothing. Puffy pants or shirt, puff sleeves. Jacket has 4 “Fingers” to create a very interesting costume. Very interesting embellishment with ribbon roses at the shoulder. Ultra suede shoes with heel ribbon embellishment.

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Things That Go Bump In The Night
by Christine Shively

This is a fun 8" doll.  The pumpkin head is achieved by gathering silk into a round shape...adorable and easy!!!  The body and legs are all one piece!!
Christine includes all the instructions for the clothes and the shoes.

$9.00 with shipping
The Collage Doll by Christine Shively.    
This 13" doll uses a lot of wonderful collage techniques.  Much of her embellishments and costume is made using paper.  You will also learn how to make paper beads.  This pattern includes instructions for acheiving the crackle finish on the painted face or other painted surfaces.  
An awesome technique that I have watched Christine demonstrate in a class I took from her last year!

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Alice and Dorothy by Christine Shively -- -- $10.60 ppd in the U.S. and Canada
11" seated figure with wired fingers, clothing, hair attachment, and face discussion included
 $10.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada

Painting the Roses Red

9 1/2" pancake doll, body structure, face and hair attachment instructions included.  $10.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada
The Grand Panjandrum

A Jointed doll with a box like skirt.  Hat, hair, face and costuming and assembly instructions.

Price is 11.00 ppd in the U.S.
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Treasure Keeper of the Fabric Poet's Society (Shelf Doll).  This is a very unique doll that uses a commercially made Boat Shelf as a part of the skirt.  The fabric skirts lay on top of the shelf and leave the openings for display of fun collector items.  The jointed doll sits on top of the shelf.  A page of the pattern is devoted to discussion for an effective face.  Wired fingers, button joints, and costuming are a part of this pattern.  Instructions on the under fittings are also a part of the pattern.
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Etui Box, Box Instructions for a 4x7" or any size box.

Etui Box is a French fold out needle case.  Instructions show how to make the box with padded inside panels for the needles.  The box can be done in any size and with either fabric or handmade paper.  When the box is made out of paper, it is a wonderful place for Blanch or other seated figures to sit.
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Tribal Woman
8" cloth doll in a "pancake" style body.  This is a tab head doll.  The clothing uses very simple geometric shapes and with a little manipulation a more complicated appearance is achieved.  Wired ribbon manipulation, simple bead draping and fringes are discussed in this pattern.  A section of this pattern is a step by step lesson in drawing and painting the face, placement of the features, highlight and shadow to create depth.  A small leather shoe is also included in the pattern.
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Shirley U'Jest

This is a pair of jester characters in male and female costuming.  Many of the elements of Tribal Woman are present in this doll.  The "pancake" body, face lesson, and shoes are design elements of this little character.  Two hat choices, pants, skirt, wand and trim embellishment are part of this pattern.  All of Christine's pattern have written instructions and diagrams.  "I tend to process information better visually so I understand how important it is to show as well as tell."
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Beauty's Beast
"Beauty's Beast has been one of the most popular of my creations in the classes I teach.  This pattern is for intermediate to advanced dollmakers.  The elaborate costume and beading sequence as well as the face painting technique is of special interest to all.  #SHIV04
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Simple Pleasures
20" doll designed to hang on the wall.  Pancake head on a tab, wired fingers, trapunto upper body, column stump lower body.  Gauzy drapery scrim in a bishop's sleeve creates a skirt with lots of volume.  Cord and tassels finish the skirt.  Face, ribbon headwrap and beading instructions included
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Rock a Bye Baby
This is a charming free standing figure.  The lower body is of a trapunto technique, in the shape of a tree trunk.  This is an advanced pattern with lots of delicate turning of small fingers and branches.  A wonderful fancifull doll.
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Mermaid 20" jointed doll with hair and face instructions.
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