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Cyndy Sieving
Cyndy Sieving
Jeppo De' Jester
by Cynthia Sieving

Jeppo is 18 inch tall. A pattern designed to hang on the wall. From his funny shoes with flower top toes to the crazy hat this pattern is a joy to make. Everything about Jeppo expresses fun. The pattern is complete with helpful illustration. Surprise yourself and make this doll in only one day.

$9.00 including shipping in the US

Four Season Doll
By Cynthia Sieving

Here is another really easy pattern for a doll that is 14" and great for embellishing!!  You can do this doll for any season or theme.  Great price too!! Have fun!

$7.00 including shipping in the US

Medusa CD & Kit
by Cynthia Sieving

Medusa has stopped many an adventurer in their tracks. She turns them to stone with a single glance. This 24" doll was made for the Sulkie Challenge and toured with that group.  And it was an on-line class for a very short time.  This pattern is for intermediate sewing level and up.

The package contains the CD and 1 yard of body fabric (Doe Suede) and a full size pattern! There are guide sheets to aid you while sewing with numerous pictures and step by step instructions. Also on the CD, a fabric selection guide, to assist in choosing fabrics and trims.  

$42.00 with shipping

Seams Like Magic
Fund Raiser for the Gilded Lillie Doll Club

Eight original doll patterns from well known doll artists: Jody Miller, Liz Seibold, Cyndy Sieving, and Judy Skeel

The patterns make dolls about 8 to 10' tall.  They are arranged in the booklet from easiest to more complex.

$22.00 with shipping in US.

Cynthia Sievings Lillian Froggett, Miss that is!  

A fanciful creature that has moveable limbs, easily jointed with wooden beads.  The facial features arnd finger turning instructions are geared for beginning sculpters.  11" tall
Price $8.95 postpaid in the U.S., Canada and Mexico

Cynthia Sievings Big Dipper & Little Dipper.  The big dipper is 7" and hangs on the wall while the little dipper is only 5" and can be worn as a pin! Have fun beading and embellishing these!
Price only $7.95 postpaid in the U.S., Canada and Mexico

Cynthia Sievings Mountain Mist Fairy, 15" in length.  Hangs on the wall.
Price $7.95 postpaid in the U.S., Canada and Mexico

Cynthia Sieving's Firefly Fairy!
11" tall.
Price $7.95 postpaid in the U.S., Canada and Mexico

Cynthia Sieving's Marlene Stanberry.  Marlene is "One of the Gang", a pattern series of fun loving people! Marlene is made with beaded joints in right fun cotton fabrics.  Easy templates to trace the facial features.  A 32" long rag doll with attitude!  Price $8.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada

Cynthia Sievings Angel Fish!
Price only $7.00 ppd in the U.S.
Golden Valley Sprite
by Cynthia Sieving!

Only 6 inches tall! These have easy to make wings along with a complete simple to make armature - all included with the instructions.  Fun, Fast and adorable.

Price only $6.83 ppd
Broadway Rose.
This is a fantastic pin doll pattern.  Learn to sculpt and face paint, beading and simple wig making.  Easy to follow instructions.
You'll love this!
#SIE06 6.80 ppd in the U.S.
Introducing Cynthia's Bestest Friends pattern.  Wonderful and quick to make..the perfect "friend" gift too!  4" and full of character.

Price is only $5.80 postpaid in the U.S.
#SIE05   Add to Cart
Dream Dancer

12" and full of whimsey.  I can see these dancing all around the mantle/Christmas tree/house/little girls room

Price 7.00 ppd in the U.S.


Isn't this cute as a button!

#SIE01   $10.00 postpaid in the U.S.

This is Snail Mail with a close-up of Zeb, who is taking the mail delivery to the highest mount at a "snails pace" below

#SIE02  $10.00 postpaid in the U.S.

Zeb, Mail Delivery! (from Snail Mail)