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Shirley Shaw of Australia
Snake Charmer by Shirley Shaw...what a wonderful pattern (I'm EXTREMELY impressed with the photo on the cover and on the back a good close up photograph as well)
15" high, includes instructions for flute, large and small snakes.  Purchased cane basket.  Suitable for intermediate doll makers.  WOW!
Awarded Best Cloth Doll from the Porcelain Doll Teachers Association 2002!!!!

Price $13.00 ppd in the U.S.
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Also by Shirley Shaw of Australia - Charmed Cobra!

A cloth doll who sits 15" posed or 40" hanging.  "I was once just like any other Cobra.  The day came when I fell in love with "The Snake Charmer"

Awarded Best Cloth Doll in Show Fluerieu Doll & Bear Show 2003!!


Price $13.00 ppd in the U.S.
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Goddess of the Forest
by Shirly Shaw

Here is a new pattern from Shirley Shaw!  This tree goddess stands 16" tall.

This pattern has tons of opportunities for embellishment!!  Shirley includes two color photos, on for winter and one for spring.  She suggests tons of beaded butterflies for those of you who like to bead.  She includes some templates to make the butterflies out of fabric and has other suggestions on embellishing in the pattern.

$13.00 including shipping
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