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Phatphaeries, Inc.
Gertie on the Beach by Phat Phaeries, Inc. About 18" long (uses 2 3/8" black plastic eyes)
This pattern is on CD but includes printed paper pattern pieces.

 $11.00 postpaid in the U.S. and Canada

The Dragalongs
by Phat Phaeries Inc.

This is such a fun pattern and I realized I had it in stock but never put it up on the site!  So here it is!!

This is a pattern for a pair of 20" dolls. A boy and girl made entirely of wool felt. It comes with a bonus pattern...A purse for that special child in your life. This is an easy pattern that would be a very fun way to introduce a child to dollmaking! Almost all the seams are outside seams-nothing to turn! Just sew and stuff.

$11.00 including shipping

by Phat Pharies Inc

This monster creation is 21" high

Frahnk wears real baby shoes in size 1-2.

His "bolts" are push pins!  

You will definitely want to add this to your collection of Halloween patterns.

$11.00 including shipping