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Kathy Pilipauskas      
Kathy Pilipauskas
Tobias the Faun
and his Sheep
by Kathy Pilipauskas

This pattern makes a 17" tall doll.  The body calls for doesuede and the  hair and upper legs are done in faux fur.

The sheep is made with 4 wooden pegs and curly wool over cotton fabric.

There are instructions for inserting a brass rod to allow the doll to stand on a base if you desire, this is optional.

15mm animal eyes are used for the doll and small beads are used for the eyes on the sheep.

Includes shipping in the USA

Snail Mail
by Kathy Pilipauskas

This pattern makes a dragon snail that is about 11".   He has a shell made of painted or foiled muslin and a little mailing pouch.  The base is made from an 8" wood round.

$14.50 ppd in USA & Canada
Candlestick Dragon
by Kathy Pilipauskas

What a great idea!  This dragon is attached to a candlestick of your choice with glue or small nails.  Kathy says this is for decoration only as she doesn't want you to catch your dragon on fire!  So don't light the candle...use an electric one if you want light!

The dragon is 18" tall

$15.00 with shipping

Tree Stump Fairy House
by Kathy Pilipauskas

Here is a new pattern from Kathy for a wonderful fairy house!!  I love the mushrooms!!
The pattern makes a fairy house about 10" tall.
It calls for 1 1/4 yards of cotton fabric for the stump itself.

$15.00 including shipping
Kathy Pilipauskas of "We Keep You In Stitches" has created another FUN and interesting pattern called "Flizzenflinx the Goblin"!  He is 16" tall and comes with his own 2 vinyl snakes in the package for you! Ha!

This uses a textured velour type of fabric, but not TOO stretchy she says.  the 54" - 60" wide stuff.  It uses 2 sets of cat eyes, 15mm and 21mm

Great pattern, wonderful fun and kids will LOVE him!

Price $12.00 postpaid in the U.S. and Canada  Add to Cart
Draco by Kathy Pilipauskas - her newest pattern!    Price $11.00 ppd in the U.S.