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Christine Treleaven of Australia
Christine Treleaven
Copyright Christine Treleaven,
Australia,  All Rights Reserved
"Felicia is a  6" high  (seated)  fairy with tiny fingers and delicate wings.  Christine designed her in an attempt to prove she could do  "pretty".  If the tiny fingers worry you,  you can
always enlarge the whole pattern very slightly to get a larger fairy."
by Christine Treleaven
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Conchita! (dancer )

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Conchita was designed for the Mardi Gras Dinner at Millenium Madness Dollorama in Brisbane in 2000.  Although depicted here as a Mardi Gras girl, she can also be made as a can-can dancer or chorus girl.
20" Standing.


45 cm tall (a little less that 19")

Named after the Greek goddess of crafts, war and wisdom.  While our interpretation may vary from the original, we, as dollmaker,s mothers and wives, have all these skills.  Let your imagination run free and portray her as you wish.

13.00 PPD IN THE U.S.
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Gnorm the Garden Gnome "minder" of the Faeries at the Bottom of the Garden
18" Gnome with faery patterns (fairy)


Almost 18"

Beautiful! (stump body)


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Tilly in the Tub 20"

Tilly was designed for the "Zaftig" exhibition when Patti Culea asked Australian dollmakers if they would like to contribute.  "Zaftig" means full-bodied, cuddly or however you wish to phrase the state most of us reach at some stage.
Tilly is "ZAFTIG"!  She is very comfortable with her body and happy with life in general.
She's had a hard day at the office and now it's time for a well-earned soak in the hot tub and let the bubbles work their magic.

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